Vol. 1

赤座あかり Akaza Akari
歳納京子 Tosinou Kyouko
船見結衣 Funami Yui
吉川ちなつ Yosikawa Chinatsu
杉浦綾乃 Sugiura Ayano
池田千歳 Ikeda Chitose
大室櫻子 Oomuro Sakurako
古谷向日葵 Furutani Himawari

良い yoi good
ゆえに therefore, consequently
主人公 syuzinkou protagonist
sa seat, place, position
追う ou, otta chase, follow, drive out
とにかく anyhow, at any rate, anyway
強い tuyoi, tuyokatta strong, tough; skilled, knowledgeable; resilient, firm; dependable, trustworthy
生きる ikiru, ikita live, exist
ほしい want
周囲 syuui surroundings, environs
付く tuku, tuita be attached, be connected; take root
くらい approximately, about; to about the extent that, almost enough that
暴走する bousou suru act rashly, run wildly, behave recklessly
問題 mondai question; problem
ツッコミ straight man (to ぼけ)
yaku role, assignment, responsibility
彼女 kanozyo
抱える kakaeru, kakaeta hold or carry under arms; have; employ, hire
yami darkness, the dark; bewilderment, despair
深く hukaku deeply, intimately, heartily
暗い kurai, kurakatta dark, gloomy
特に tokuni particularly, especially
かも may, might, perhaps
可愛い kawai, kawakatta
ぶりっ子 burikko female who acts cute by playing innocent and helpless
近日中に kinzitutyuu ni in a few days, in the near future
ばける bakeru, baketa take the form of, transform into; disguise oneself as
kawa skin, hide, pelt; mask
はがれる come unstuck from, peel off, come off
確定する kakutei suru decide, settle

Ch. 1

入学 nyuugaku admission
raku easy
bu department
入部 nyuubu entrance
ちょーだい give me
おぬ でとー together
iwai congratulation
結衣 Yui
調子 tyousi tune; manner; condition
乗る noru, notta get on; reach
調子乗るな don't ride
まで until
本気 honki earnest
出していない dasitei nai not issuing
賁方へ to the side
あなたのことです it is about you
永遠 eien forever
らしい it would seem
ならば if
久しぶり hisasiburi long time no see
hen stange
感じ kanzi feeling
生まれる umareru be born
同学 dougaku same school
同学年 dougakunen same grade
騒がしい sawagasii noisy
京子 Kyoko
充分 juubun sufficient
充分なのに even though it is enough
hoka other
人いるのつ hito iru notu
待て mate wait
ところで by the way
娯楽部 gorakubu entertainment club
tya tea
茶道 sadou tea ceremony
部室 busitu section room
廃部 haibu club disbandment
dare who
こっそり secretly
好き suki like, be fond of, love
わけ wake reason
休み yasumi a vacation
時間とかにも as time goes by
だらだら leisurely
i clothing
onna woman
女つ jotu female
musume daughter
魔女 majo witch
最新 saisin latest
kan publication
とって handle
今回 konkai this time
天敵 tenteki natural enemy
戦い tatakai fight
戦いもすごかった the fight was amazing
願望 ganbo desire
ていうか I mean
ai love
華麗 karei splendid, magnificent, gorgeous
登場 touzyou appearance
正義 seigi justice
というふうに in the same way
den legend
伝わる tutawaru be handed down
待ってなちゃい please wait
近い tikai near
駄菓子 dagasi sweets
ya house, small shop
知る siru, sitta understand, perceive
奢る ogoru give (someone) a treat
難しい muzukasii difficult
そして adv. consequently; conj. and

Ch. 2

ie house, family
散歩する sanpo suru walk
若返り wakagaeri rejuvenation, restoration of youth
お待たせ omatase
遅刻 tikoku lateness, late coming
忘れる wasureru, wasureta
焦る aseru, asetta be in a hurry, be impatient, be flustered
のんびり carefree, at leisure, in a relaxed manner
kami hair
セット hairdo
しなおす sinaosu, sinaosita do over, remake, resume
へそくり secret savings, secret stash
クラゲ jellyfish
ちらっと見る tiratto miru glance at, glimpse
色々 iroiro various, all sorts of, a variety of
一緒 issyo together
まじまじ staringly, fixedly, unblinkingly
部屋 heya room
立入禁止 tatiirikinsi no trespassing
見ら mira look
うわ yikes, oops, eep
散らかる tirakaru, tirakatta be in disorder, lie scattered around
姉妹 simai sisters
百合 yuri lily, lesbian
そういえば which reminds me, by the way
最近 saikin recently, lately
カニ crab
まさか no way

Ch. 3

弱い yowai
貴方 anata
とも both (suffix)
お前 omae you
寝癖 neguse bed hair, hair disarranged during sleep
なの that's the way it is; is that so? (colloquial female language)
刺激的な sigekiteki na stimulating, exciting, provocative
ついて about, concerning, as regards to
起きる okiru, okita get up, rise; wake up, be awake
刺激 sigeki stimulus, impetus, incentive
技術 gizyutu technology, engineering
怖い kowai scary
めっさな extremely
速い hayai fast, quick (cf 早い hayai early, 遠い tooi far)
観覧車 kanransya Ferris wheel
乗り降り noriori getting on and off
展開する tenkai suru develop, evolve, progress
遊園地 yuuenti amusement park
求める motomeru, motometa want; request; seek
ぐるぐる round and round
回る mawaru, mawatta
絶対 zettai absolutely
koi (romantic) love
tyaku arriving at... (suffix)
今回 konkai
大穴 ooana dark horse (horse racing)
寝癖 neguse sleeping habit
完全 kanzen perfect, complete
別物 betumono another thing, exception, special case
ベタ Siamese fighting fish
確かな tasika na sure, certain, positive
感じ kanzi feeling, sense, impression
興味 kyoumi interest (in something), curiosity (about something), zest (for)
同人 douzin same person, said person; doujin (Japanese fan who makes manga)
言えば ieba speaking of
こないだ the other day, recently
si magazine
読む yomu, yonda read
e picture, drawing
まだまだ still some way to go before the goal
ジャンル genre
活動 katudou activity, action
始める hazimeru, hazimeta start, begin, commence
だいぶ considerably, greatly, a lot
経つ tatu, tatta pass (of time), elapse
neko cat
知恵 tie wisdom, wit, sagacity, sense, intelligence
幸せ siawase happiness, good fortune, luck, blessing
失礼 siturei discourtesy, impoliteness
希望する kibou suru hope, wish

Ch. 4

とうとう finally, at last
憧れる akogareru, akogareta long for, yearn after
部活 bukatu club activities
いざ now, well
仲間 nakama company, fellow, colleague
部員 buin club member
される passive for of する
べき should, must
落ち oti slip, omission; outcome, final result
こいつ he, she, this fellow, this person
興奮する kouhun suru excite, stimulate, agitate, arouse
気にしない do not mind
以外 igai with the exception of
心肺 sinpai heart and lungs
心肺ゴム用 sinpai gomuyou don't worry about it, there is nothing to fear
変換 henkan change, conversion, transformation
希望者 kibousya applicant
集まる atumaru, atumatta gather, collect, assemble
復活 hukkatu revival; rebirth, restoration
道具 dougu tool, implement, device; means
練習する rensyuu suru practice
けっこうな splendid
ふえる hueru, hueta increase, multiply
うれしい happy, glad
持つ motu, motta hold, take carry; possess, have; maintain, keep
だらだら dripping, trickling; gently
普通 hutuu general, ordinary, usual; normal
青春 seisyun youth, springtime of life, adolescent
汗 ase sweat
流す nagasu, nagasita drain, pour, spill
怯える obieru, obieta become frightened (of), be scared (of)
守る mamoru, mamotta protect, guard, defend

Ch. 5

生徒会 seitokai student council
考え事 kangaegoto one's thoughts, concern; thinking about something
綾乃 Ayano
ti blood
おでこ brow, forehead
負ける makeru, maketa lose, be defeated
yatu fellow, guy, chap (derogatory)
決戦 kessen decisive battle, deciding match, play-off
罰金 bakkin fine, penalty
宮殿 kyuuden palace
gi morality, righteousness
義なき ginaki lacking morality
うわ yikes, oops, wow
結果 kekka result, consequence, outcome
kurai grade, rank
漬ける kakeru soak, seep, dip, dunk
充分 zyuubun enough, sufficient
何て -nante such as, thinks like suffix
日々 hibi every day, daily
勉強 benkyou
ら pluralizing suffix; nominalizing suffix
怒る okoru, okotta get angry, get mad
きっと surely, undoubtedly, almost certainly
お邪魔 ozyama
ウワサ rumor
すれば if so, in that situation, in that case
制服 seihuku uniform (i.e. clothing)
可愛い kawai cute, adorable, charming
普段 hudan usual, normal, habitual
ひょいと suddenly, unexpectedly; by chance, accidentally
たら when used after someone's name indicates exasperation
居座る isuwaru, isuwatta remain, stay (somewhere)
無断 mudan without permission, without notice
使用 siyou use, application, utilization
禁止 kinsi prohibition, ban
行為 koui act, dead, conduct
副会長 hukukaityou vice president
ゆるす permit, allow, approve
かつ yet, moreover, and
関係 kankei relationship, connection
乱入 rannyuu trespassing, intrusion
怒鳴る donaru, donatta shout, yell
あかん useless, no good, hopeless
千歳 Chitose
穏便 onbin gentle, peaceable; without fuss
勝負 syoubu victory or defeat; match, contest
脱ぐ nugu, nuide take off (clothes), undress
激しい gekisii, gekisikatta violent, furious; extreme, intense
叩く tataku strike, beat
tugi next, following
勝つ katu, katta win, gain victory
立ち退く tatinoku, tatinoita leave, evacuate, clear out
以外 igai with the exception of, excepting
暑い atui hot, warm, sultry
ばっかり only, merely, nothing but, no more than
遊ぶ asobu, asonde play, enjoy oneself
色気 iroke coloring; sex appeal (of women); sexual urge
実力 zituryoku real ability, true strength, merit
wake reason, cause
優しい yasasii
説明 setumei explanation, exposition
komezirusi used in Japanese to indicate that a parenthetical remark follows
妄想 mousou wild idea, delusion
sai on the occasion of, juncture
視界 sikai field of vision
遮る saegiru, saegitta interrupt, obstruct, block
とぎすましい sharpen, grind, whet
精神 seisin spirit, sprite; energy, vigor
集中 syuutyuu concentration, focusing
させる saseru, saseta make (someone) do
絶対 zettai definitely, absolutely, unconditionally
応援 ouen aid, assistance, help
だって after all, because
居場所 ibasyo whereabouts, place, location; place where one belongs
失くす nakusu lose, mislay
拾う hirou, hirotta pick, find, gather
頑張る ganbaru, ganbatte
hana nose
せいぜい at the most, at best, as far as possible
悪あがき waruagaki useless resistance, vain struggle
しとく colloquial contraction of しておく

Ch. 6

化する ka suru change into, convert to
など et cetera, and the like, and so forth
飾る kazaru, kazatta decorate, adorn; display, exhibit
向日葵 Himawari
ぐずぐず slowly
巻頭 kantou beginning (of a book)
終わる owaru, owatta finish, end, close
オチ punch line (of joke)
成立 seiritu formation, establishment
先輩 senpai
おっさん middle-aged man, Buddhist priest
気になる weigh on one's mind, bother one
kage shadow, silhouette
薄い usui thin; pale, faint
二話 ni wa two episodes
以降 ikou on and after, as from, hereafter, since
やたら indiscriminately, blindly, at random, recklessly
存在感 sonzaikan presence (impressive quality)
よう appearing, looking
言葉 kotoba language, dialect; word, words, phrase, term, expression
見つかる mitukaru, mitukatta be found, be discovered
泳ぐ oyogu, oyonda swim
今後 kongo from now on, hereafter
kai meeting
ni looking like, resembling (suffix)
特徴 tokutyou feature, trait, characteristic
まず first (of all), firstly, to start
挙げて agete all, whole, en masse
提案 teian proposal, suggestion
特徴 tokutyou feature, trait, characteristic
せえの all together now! ready, set, go!
効果音 koukaon sound effect
とうめい transparent, clear
にんげん human being, person
そして and then, thus
足す tasu add
笑う warau, waratta laugh
まま condition, state
すてき lovely, wonderful, nice
むしろ rather, better, instead
無理 muri unreasonable, unnatural; impossible; excessive
続く tuduku, tuduita continue, last, go on

Ch. 7

長期 tyouki long-term
連載 rensai serialization, serial story
布石 huseki opening moves (in go); preparation, groundwork
提出する teisyutu suru present (documents), submit (application)
つと quickly; calmly
仕方 sikata way, method, means
直接 tyokusetu direct, immediate, firsthand
ホンマ truth, reality (Kansai dialect)
けたけた laughing foolishly, cackling
喋る syaberu, syabetta talk, chat, chatter
殴る naguru, nagutta strike, hit, beat, punch
書類 syorui document, official papers
整理 seiri sorting, arrangement, organization
残る nokoru, nokotta remain, be left
ていうか I mean
恥ずかしい hazukasii, hazukasikatta embarassing
違う tigau, tigatta differ, vary
代わる kawaru, kawatta take the place of, substitute
もらえ could you, would you, can you (after て form of verb)
お安い oyasui easy, simple
御用 goyou your order, your business, official business
まかせる makaseru, makaseta entrust (a task) to another
ため good, advantage, benefit, welfare; sake, purpose, aim
喜ぶ yorokobu, yorokonda be delighted, be glad, be pleased
受け uke defense; reputation; agreement
致す itasu, itasita do (humble polite)
おごる ogoru, ogotta to give (someone) a treat
対決 taiketu confrontation, showdown
負ける makeru, maketa lose, be defeated; succumb, surrender, yield
次期 ziki next term, next period
副会長 hukukaityou vice president
だって too, also
もん (sentence final particle, female speech, indicates disatisfaction or desire to be pampered)
というか or rather; or perhaps I should say
相変わらず aikawarazu as ever, as usual, the same, still
生意気 namaiki impertinent, saucy, cheeky
扉絵 tobirae frontispiece
仲良し nakayosi intimate friend, close friend
嫌々 iyaiya unwillingly, reluctantly
互い tagai each other, one another
お互い様 otagai sama the same to you, the feeling is mutual
注目 tyuumoku notice, attention, observation
殴る naguru, nagutta strike, hit, beat
たの (at sentence end, indicates emotion or emphasis)
暴力 bouryoku violence, mayhem
反対 hantai opposition, resistance
それにしても anyway
ryou quantity, amount, volume
片付ける katadukeru, kataduketa
させる saseru, saseta causitive of する
手伝う tetudau, tetudatta
頼む tanomu, tanonda
部活 bukatu club activities
きっと surely, undoubtedly, most likely
終わり owari the end
助かる tasukaru, tasukatta
仕分けする siwake suru classify, sort
冷蔵庫 reizouko refrigerator
進む susumu, susunda progress, advance, improve
遅い osoi, osokatta slow, time-consuming, sluggish
会長 kaityou president, chairman
希望 kibou hope, wish, aspiration
こそ for sure (emphasizes preceding word)
全然 zenzen
naka relationship
悪い warui, warukatta
次期 ziki next term, next period
同士 dousi fellow, mutual, companion
感じ kanzi feeling, sense, impression
ばっかり only, merely, nothing more than
ケンカ (喧嘩) quarrel, brawl, fight
腐れ縁 kusareen undesireable but inseparable relationship
腐れ kusare rotting, spoiling, decaying
en fate, destiny (that binds two people together)
幼稚園 youtien kindergarten
ウンザリ tedious, boring, being fed up with
昨日 kinou yesterday
渡す watasu, watasita ferry across; hand over
意外 igai unexpected, surprising
戻る modoru, modotta turn back; return, go back
気づく kiduku, kiduita notice, recognize, become aware of
お疲れ様 otukaresama
片付く kataduku, kataduita be put in order; be solved, be disposed of
まったく mattaku really, truly, entirely
そそっかしい careless, thoughless, rash
心配 sinpai worry, concern
入れ違い iretigai passing each other

Ch. 8

想い出 omoide memories, recollections
いっぱいいっぱい to the limit, to the fullest extent
暮らし kurasi life, living
冷やし hiyasi chilled
冷やし中華 hiyasi tyuuka chilled Chinese noodles
間違い matigai mistake, blunder
反対 hantai opposition, resistance; opposite, reverse
経験 keiken experience
大家 ooya landlord, landlady
親戚 sinseki relative, kin
賛成 sansei approval, agreement, support
なさそう does not seem, unlikely, improbably
結構 kekkou
建物 tatemono
元々 motomoto from the beginning, originally
文化 bunka culture
会館 kaikan meeting hall
改装する kaisou suru remodel
住む sumu, sunda live (of people), reside, inhabit
空間 kuukan space, room
まったり rich, full-bodied; laid-back, relaxed
布団 huton
日当たり hiatari exposure to the sun, sunny place
良好な ryoukou na good, fine, excellent
makura pillow
薬草 yakusou medicinal herb
なつかし dear, longed for, nostalgic
mukasi olden days, former
kami hair
天井 tenzyou ceiling
シミ stain, spot, smudge
出来事 dekigoto incident, affair, event
かのように as if, as though
過ごす sugosu, sugosita pass (time), spend
洗面所 senmenzyo washroom, bathroom
借りる kariru
死む simu, sinda die, pass away; lose spirit; cease, stop
最後 saigo end, conclusion
セーブ save (baseball)
セーブする check, curb, suppress
早々に sousou ni hurriedly, in haste, quickly
今度 kondo this time, now; next time, another time, shortly
とか and the like, and such; or something, or somethign like
呼ぶ yobu, yonda
遊ぶ asobu, asonda
ともかく anyhow, anyway, in any case
着る kiru, kite wear, put on
気付く kiduku, kiduita notice, recognize, become aware of
別の betu no separate, different, another
居心地 igokoti comfort
忘れる wasureru, wasureta
ちょくちょく often, frequently, now and then
予定 yotei plans, arrangement, schedule

Ch. 9

batu punishment, penalty
宿題 syukudai homework
さっそく at once, immediately
頃に koro ni approximate time at
探す sagasu search, look for
置く oku put, place
あるある it happens, of course it is so
そんで and, thereupon, because of that
諦める akirameru, akirameta give up, abandon hope, resign to
あっさり easily, readily, quickly
出てくる detekuru, detekita come out, appear, turn up
思い出す omoidasu, omoidasita recall, remember, recollect
映画館 eigakan movie theater
kan house, hall, building
一枚 iti mai
申し訳 mousiwake
kai story, floor (counter)
宣言 sengen declaration, announcement
構造 kouzou structure, construction, makeup
ryou quantity, amount, volume
深い hukai deep; profound; dense, thick
お菓子 okasi
無視する musi suru disregard, ignore

Ch. 10

家庭 katei home, family, household
訪問 houmon call, visit
急に kyuu ni swiftly, rapidly, quickly; suddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly
お腹 onaka
空く suku, suita
ご飯 gohan
お泊まり otomari sleepover, overnight stay
泊まる tomaru, tomatta stay at (e.g. hotel)
誘う sasou, sasotta invite, ask, call for, take along
材料 zairyou ingredients, material
留守番 rusuban care-taking, house-sitting, house-watching; caretaker, house-sitter
そも after all, anyway, actually
簡単な kantan na simple, easy, uncomplicated; brief, quick
手料理 teryouri home cooking
味噌汁 miso siru miso soup
守る mamoru, mamotta
聞く kiku, kiita
ha tooth
たまに occasionally, once in a while, now and then
気が利く ki ga kiku be sensible, be smart; be thoughful, be tactful
磨く migaku, migaita polish, shine, brush; refine (skill), improve, cultivate
uso lie, fib
きっかけ chance, start, cue, excuse
仲良く nakayoku on good terms with, on cordial terms with
同士 dousi fellow, mutual, companion, comrade
自然 sizen nature
だが but, however, yet, nevertheless
断る kotowaru, kotowatta refuse, reject, dismiss, turn down, decline
こいつ he, she, this guy, this fellow, this person
気にする ki ni suru mind, care about, worry, pay undue attention
自信 zisin self-confidence, confidence

Ch. 11

詰まる tumaru, tumatta be packed with, be full
欲しい hosii
失礼 siturei
体操着 taisougi gym uniform, track suit
二着 ni tyaku two units of clothing
助ける tasukeru, tasuketa save, rescue
嫌な iya na disagreeable, detestable, unpleasant
rei thanks, gratitude
今回 konkai now, this time
mune chest, breast
きゃあ yikes! eek! ouch!
いい加減 iikagen reasonable, moderate
体育 taiiku physical education
終了 syuuryou end, close, termination
嫌味な iyami na disagreeable, unpleasant, nasty, offensive
naka relation, relationship
一緒 issyo
あまる amaru, amatta remain, be left over
深い hukai, hukatta deep; profound; dense, thick
意味 imi
配る kubaru, kubatta distribute, hand out, deliver; allot, allocate
kan can, tin
まとめる matomeru, matometa collect, put together, integrate
つられる turareru, turareta be lured, be enticed
釣る turu, tutta fish, angle, catch; lure, tempt, attract, entice

Ch. 12

静かな sizuka na quiet, silent; slow, unhurried; calm, peaceful
届ける todokeru, todoketa deliver, forward, send; report, notify, file notice
寒い samui, samukatta
暖める atatameru, atatameta warm
風邪 kaze common cold, flue
うつる uturu, ututta be infected, be contagious, spread
わざわざ expressly, specially
腹痛 hukutuu stomach ache
netu heat; fever
安心 ansin relief, peace of mind
見舞い mimai visiting ill people, writing get-well letters
提案する teian propose, suggest
hara stomach, belly
落ちる otiru, otita fall down, drop, fall, sink; be omitted, be missing
拾う hirou, hirotta pick up, find, gather
クセ wrong, improper, indecent
駄目 dame
安静 ansei rest, quiet, repose
体温計 taionkei medical thermometer
欠席 kesseki absence
扱い atukai treatment, service
toku profit, advantage, benefit, gain
あかん useless, no good, hopeless
syou prize, award
おかゆ thin rice porridge, watery cooked rice
ずるい zurui, zurukatta sly, cunning, sneaky; miserly, mean, stingy
病人 byounin sick person, patient, invalid
実は zitu wa
あるっぽいし something like (Google translation)
鼻血 hanadi nosebleed
やから party (of people), set (of people), clan, family
治す naosu, naosita cure, heal
一応 itiou more or less, though not quite satisfactorily, after a fashion
惑謝 [reading?] confused thanks
豊作 housaku abundant harvest, bumper crop
さらに sara ni furthermore, again, after all
妄想 mousou wild idea, delusion
投入 tounyuu rushing into, breaking into, storming
長居 nagai long visit, overstaying
事情 zizyou circumstances, conditions, situation
残念 zannen
大変 taihen
うつる uturu, ututta move, transfer; change target of interest or concern
手洗い tearai washing one's hands, water for washing one's hands; restroom, toilet
探す sagasu, sagasita search (for sth. desired), look for; search (sth. lost), seek
意識 isiki consciousness
soku gear, speed
のく noku, noita step aside, move out of the way, make way; resign, retire, quit
しっかり tightly, firmly, securely; strongly, solidly, sturdily
救急車 kyuukyuusya ambulance
その場しのぎ sono ba sinogi stopgap, makeshift, temporary measure
問題 mondai
根本的な konponteki na fundamental, basic
解決する kaiketu suru settle, solve, resolve
まず first (of all), firstly, above all
眼鏡 megane
調達する tyoutatu suru supply, provision, raise, procure
黙る damaru, damatta be silent, say nothing
ぐったり limply, wearily, listlessly


Vol. 2


Ch. 13

最近 saikin
暑い atui
浴びる abiru, abita to dash over oneself
短冊 tanzaku long narrow card on which poems are written
季節 kisetu season, time of year
死ぬ sinu, sinda die, pass away
切実な setuzitu na earnest, sincere
ついてる tuiteru, tuiteta be lucky, be in luck
家族 kazoku
健康 kenkou
平和 heiwa peace, harmony
温まる atatamaru, atatamatta warm oneself, sun oneself
恋愛 renai love, love-making
koi romantic love
彼氏 karesi boyfriend
告白 kokuhaku confession; confession of love
仲良く nakayoku on good terms with, cordial with
豊作 housaku abundant harvest, bumper crop
祈願 kigan prayer, supplication
チュウする tyuu suru kiss
知り合う siriau, siriatta get to know, make acquaintance
koro (approximate) time, around, about
距離 kyori distance, range
縮まる tidimaru, tidimatta shorten, narrow, close
展開 tenkai development, evolution, progressing
好く suku, suita love, like, be fond of
好かれる passive of 好く
機嫌 kigen humor, temper, mood
大体 daitai
さすが as one would expect; still, all the same
恥ずかしい hazukasii
namida tear, tears
語る kataru, katatta talk about, speak of, tell
出番 deban one's turn, one's shift; screentime
ふえる hueru, hueta increase, multiply
さっさと sassa to promptly, immediately, quickly
結う yuu, yutta do up (hair), dress, arrange; tie, bind, fasten
せめて at least, at most, promptly
人目 hitome public gaze, public notice, attention
こっそり stealthily, secretly
空気 kuuki air, atmosphere; mood, situation
なれる nareru, nareta get used to, grow accustomed to

Ch. 14

決戦 kessen deciding battle, deciding match, play-off
ついに finally, at last
ほんま truth, reality
弁当 bentou box lunch
はりはり thin strips of daikon soaked in vinegar
漬け duke pickled (suffix)
期末 kimatu end-of-term
負ける makeru, maketa lose, be defeated
争う arasou, arasotta compete, contest, contend
鼻血 hanati nosebleed
くせ habit; peculiarity, idiosyncrasy
危ない abunai
中良い nakaii close, intimate
微塵 mizin atom, particle; not at all, not the slightest (with negative verb)
とにかく anyhow, at any rate
今回 konkai
特に toku ni particularly, especially
頑張る ganbaru
宣戦 sensen declaration of war
布告 hukoku edict, ordinance, proclamation
爆睡 bakusui sleeping like a log
毎晩 maiban
ne sleep
不足 husoku insufficiency, shortage
王者 ouzya king, monarch, ruler
余裕 yoyuu surplus, margin, leeway, room, space, time
一位 itii first place, first rank
勝負 syoubu victory or defeat
覚える oboeru, oboeta
漬ける tukeru, tuketa soak in, steep, dip
狙う nerau, neratta aim at
決まる kimaru, kimatta
こそ for sure (suffix)
負かす makasu, makasita defeat
まっちゃ powdered green tea
いぼいぼ warts
追い出す oidasu expel, drive out
単なる tannaru mere, simple, sheer
口実 kouzitu excuse, pretext
泊まる tomaru, tomatta stay (e.g at hotel)
kai meeting, assembly, party (suffix)
正直な syouziki na honest, frank, candid
何気に nanige ni inadvertently, for no special reason
あらへん not, nonexistent, not being (Kansai dialect)
行き当たり ikiatari end of a road, end of a street
行き当たりばったり ikiatari battari random, by chance, haphazard
そして and, and then, thus
怒涛 dotou surging waves, raging billows
期間 kikan period, term, interval
過ぎる sugiru, sugita
順位 zyun i order, rank, position
発表 happyou announcement, publication
一位 iti i first place
良い yoi, yokatta
答案 touan examination paper, answer sheet
si magazine
全然 zenzen
爆睡 bakusui sleeping like a log
合意する agree, consent
仲良く nakayoku on good terms with, cordial with
覚える oboeru, oboeta
使える tukaeru, tukaeta be usuable, be serviceable

Ch. 15

こそ for sure
さてさて well, now, then
怖い kowai, kowakatta
地震 zisin
火事 kazi
親父 oyazi one's father
kei system, lineage, group
怪談 kaidan ghost story
定番 teiban standard, routine, regular
ネタ material (for story, article), information, news
わけ conclusion from reasoning, reason, cause
複数 hukusuu plural, multiple, several
何者 nanimono
気配 kehai indication, sign, hint
実際 zissai practicality, practical; reality, actuality
洗剤 senzai detergent, cleanser
意味 imi
風呂 huro
突っ込む tukkomu, tukkonda thrust, cram, shove; get involved with, meddle in
肝試し kimodamesi dar, test of courage (e.g. at graveyard)
驚かす odorokasu, odorokasita surprise, frighten, create a stir
gawa side, part
場所 basyo
仕掛け sikake device, contrivance, mechanism; trick, trap
押す osu, osita push, press
rei soul, spirit, ghost
住む sumu, sunda live, reside
呪い norui spell, curse
コント tale, short story
いじめ bullying, teasing
っぽい -ish, -like
意外な igai na unexpected, surprising
難しい muzukasii, muzukasikatta
怖がる kowagaru, kowagatta be afraid of, fear, dread
人体模型 zintaimokei anatomical model of the human body
廊下 rouka
置く oku, oita
伏兵 hukuhei ambush
手袋 tebukuro glove, mitten
落ちる otiru, otita fall down, drop, sink
たり doing such things as (suffix)
ビクット with a start, with a jump
落とし otosi missing item
強敵 kyouteki formidible enemy
かもしれん may, might, perhaps
お化け obake goblin, monster, demon
お化け屋敷 obake yasi haunted house
苦手な nigate na poor, weak, not good at; not one's cup of tea
結構 kekkou
平気 heiki
最近 saikin
最初 saisyo beginning, outset, onset
心配 sinpai
案内する annai suru guide, lead, show around
本物 honmono genuine article, real thing
存在 sonzai
宇宙 utyuu universe, cosmos
宇宙人 utyuuzin space alien, extraterrestrial being
答える kotaeru, kotaeta answer, reply
思いつく omoituku, omoituita think of, hit upon, come to mind; remember, recall
ちなみに by the way, in this connection, incidentally
準備する zyunbi suru prepare, arrange, get ready
めんどくさい bothersome, tiresome
mukasi olden days, former
yatu he, she, him, her (derogatory or familiar)
絶対 zettai
覗く nozoku, nozoita peak, sneak a look at
部活 bukatu club activities, extracurricular activities
頼む tanomu, tanonda
手伝う tetudau, tetudatta

Ch. 16

水浴 suiyoku bath, bathing
偶然 guuzen coincidence, chance, accident
遊ぶ asobu, asonda
仕方 sikata
恥ずかしい hazukasii
あらかじめ beforehand, in advance
水着 mizugi
きる kiru, kita wear
バッチリ perfectly, right on the mark
着替える kigaeru, kigaeta
安心 ansin
準備 zyunbi
忘れる wasureru, wasureta
マヌケ stupid, foolish, idiotic
ドジ blunder, bungle, clumsiness
仲良く nakayoku on good terms with, cordial with
意外 igai unexpected, surprising
でかい huge, big, gargantuan
ひとで starfish
投げる nageru, nageta throw, hurl, fling
あかん useless, no good, hopeless
まかせる makaseru, makaseta entrust (e.g. task) to another, leave to
風邪 kaze cold, flu
たまに occasionally, once in a while
暮らし kurasi life, living, livelihood
始める hazimeru, hazimeta
たまたま occasionally, once in a while
お泊まり otomari sleep-over, overnight stay
kai meeting, assembly, party
違う tigau, tigatta

Ch. 17

シャイ shy
目立ちたがり medatitagari show-off
呼ぶ yobu, yonda
飛ぶ tobu, tonda fly, soar; jump, leap
飛び出す tobidasu, tobidasita jump out, rush out, fly out
遅い osoi, osokatta
ばんざい a celebratory cheer
うなされる unasareru, unasareta have a nightmare
目立つ medatu, medatta be conspicuous, stand out
どおりで indeed, it's no wonder
主人公 syuzinkou protagonist, main character
第一 daiiti first, foremost
発場 hatuzyou arrival, place of arrival
主役 syuyaku leading part, leading actor, leading actress
気のせい in one's imagination
正直な syouziki na honest, frank, candid
an idea, plan, proposal
不安 huan anxiety, uneasiness, worry
ありがちな frequent, common, usual
設定する settei suru establish, create, pose (a problem)
展開する tenkai suru develop, evolve, progress
挙げる ageru, ageta give (an example), cite; summon up (all of one's energy); arrest; nominate
要素 youso component, factor, item (in a list)
足す tasu, tasita add
企画 kikaku planning, project, plan, design
そこそこ reasonably, fairly; hurriedly, in a rush
案出 ansyutu contrivance; invention, devising
近道 tikamiti shortcut
感じ kanzi feeling, sensation, impression
寝坊 nebou sleeping in late, oversleeping
起こす okosu, okosita
順応性 zyunnousei
伝説 densetu
拾う hirou, hirotta pick up, find, gather
叱る sikaru, sikatta scold, chide, rebuke
ピンチ pinch, crisis, tough spot
覚醒する kakusei suru wake up, awaken, arouse, revive
巻頭 kantou beginning (of a book), opening page
記念 kinen commemoration, celebration
違う tigau, tigatta
読者 dokusya reader
求める motomeru, motometa want, wish for; request, demand
さらに sara ni furthermore, again, after all
ほんで and, thereupon
趣味 syumi hobby, pastime
願望 ganbou desire, wish, aspiration
maki roll (of cloth); volume (of book)
参照 sansyou refererence, consultation, browsing
連続 renzoku continuation, succession, series
マイペース doing things at one's own pace (e.g. slower than others)
いかれる become broken, break down; be crazy; be outdone, be beaten
部屋 heya
暑い atui, atukatta
むくり abruptly rising
寒い samui, samukatta
小学生 syougakusei

Ch. 18

眩しい mabusii, mabusikatta dazzling, radiant
移動 idou movement, transfer, migration
苦手な nigate na poor (at), weak (in), not very good (at)
借りる kariru, karita
ase sweat
んち 's house
得意 tokui triumph, prosperity; one's strong point, one's forte, one's specialty
料理 ryouri
zyou unmarried woman, miss
うわ yikes, oops, eep
申し訳 moosiwake
詫び wabi apology, excuse
窒息 tissoku suffocation, choking
セミロング shoulder-length hair
冷たい tumetai, tumetakatta
縛る sibaru, sibatta
最長 saityou strongest
伝説 densetu
靴下 kutusita
涼しい /suzusii, suzusikatta//
脱ぐ nugu, nuida take off, undress
kami hair (on head)
髪結 kamiyui hairdressing
暑い atui, atukatta
めちゃめちゃ disorderly, messy
可愛 kawai, kawakatta
方法 houhou method, process, manner, way, means
全裸 zenra stark naked, nude
飛び込む tobikomu, tobikonda jump in, leap in, dive
露出狂 rosyutukyou exhibitionist
冷たい tumetai, tumetakatta
クセになる become a bad habit, get accustomed to
nuno cloth
吹く huku, huita blow
凍る kooru, kootta freeze, congeal
hada skin
直接 tyokusetu direct, immediate, personal
凍傷 tousyou frostbite, chilblains
起こす okosu, okosita raise, raise up; wake, wake up; cause, bring about
注意 tyuui caution, attention, warning, advice
忘れる wasureru, wasureta
能力 nouryoku ability, faculty
得る eru, eta get, earn, acquire, procure; understand, comprehend
不老不死 hurouhusi perpetual youth and longevity, immortality
家族 kazoku
動物 doubutu
メルヘン fairy tale (Märchen)
kage shadow, silhouette, figure
分身 bunshin other self, alter ego
姐御 anego elder sister
huku clothes
防犯 bouhan prevention of crime
鳴る naru sound, ring
話題 wadai topic, subject
終わる owaru, owatta end, come to an end, close, finish
途端 totan just now, just as, in the act of
呪い noroi spell, curse, malediction
確かに tasika ni for sure, certainly, positively, definitely
hako box
おいで come, go, stay
ひんやり cool, chilly, feeling nice and cold
asi leg
片方 katahou one side, one party, counterpart, the other side
知らんがな siranga na how should I know? don't ask me

Ch. 19

出血 syukketu bleeding, hemorrhage
大会 taikai mass meeting, convention, rally, gathering
小規模な syoukibo na small scale
今夜 konya this evening, tonight
欲しい hosii
ついでに incidentally, while you are at it
誘う sasou, sasotta invite, ask (someone to do), call (for)
嬉しい uresii, uresikatta happy, glad, pleased
hana nose
鼻血 hanadi
貧血 hinketu anemia
そろえる soroeru, soroeta collect, gather, get together
運ぶ hakobu, hakonda
ひじき (dark edible seaweed)
レバー liver
うわ yikes, oops, eep, wow
既に sude ni already, too late
妄想 mousou wild idea, delusion
始まる hazimaru, hazimatta
わくわく trembling, nervous, getting excited, thrilled
似合う niau, niatta
当然 touzen natural, right, proper, just
生徒 seito pupil, student, schoolchild
生徒会 seitokai student council
副会長 hukukaityou vice president (of club, organization)
関係 kankei relation, relationship, connection
久しぶり hisasiburi
眼福 ganpuku a sight for sore eyes, seeing something beautiful or precious
攻める semeru, semeta attack, assault
告白する kokuhaku suru confess, acknowledge; confess one's love
派手な hade na showy, loud, flashy, gaudy
無理 muri unreasonable, unnatural, unjustifiable; impossible; excessive, immoderate
決まる kimaru, kimatta
怖い kowai, kowakatta
見掛け mikake outward appearance
倒な sakasama na inverted, upside down, reversed
強引な gouin na overbearing, coercive, pushy, forcible
突然 totuzen abrupt, sudden, unexpected
遊ぶ asobu, asonda
満足な manzoku na sufficient, satisfactory, enough, adequate
捨てる suteru, suteta
改まる aratamaru, aratamatta be renewed, be changed
おかげ assistance, help, aid
笑顔 egao smiling face, smile
幸せ siawase happiness, good fortune, luck
たとえ even if, no matter (what)
血液 ketueki blood
尽きる tukiru, tukita be used up, run out
inoti life, life force

Ch. 20

宿題 syukudai homework, assignment
終わる owaru, owatta end, come to an end, close, finish
残る nokoru, nokotta
結局 kekkyoku after all, in the end
一緒 issyo
教える osieru, osieta
ケチケチ stingy, tightfisted, miserly
妖怪 youkai
ねじ切る nezikiru twist off
頼む tanomu, tanonda
仕方 sikata way, method, means
残る nokoru, nokotta
読書 dokusyo reading (books)
感想文 kansoubun written description of one's thoughts
内容 naiyou
オブラートに包む oburaato ni tutumu say in a roundabout way, (lit.) wrap in wafer paper
黙る damaru, damatta be silent, say nothing
さっさ promptly, immediately, quickly
脳みそ noumiso brains, brain tissue
疲れる tukareru, tukareta get tired, tire, get fatigued
生徒会 seitokai
役員 yakuin director, executive; officer, person in charge
選挙 senkyo election
副会長 hukukaityou vice president
聞き捨てならない kikizute naranai inexcusable, unpardonable
hyou vote, ballot
成績優秀 seisekiyuutyuu high achievement
受験 zyuken taking an (entrance) examination
負ける makeru, maketa lose, be defeated
頑張る ganbaru, ganbatta
教室 kyousitu
花びん hanabin flower vase
替わる kawaru, kawatta succeed, relieve, replace
正義 seigi justice, righteousness
味方 mikata friend, ally, supporter
キャラ character
激似 gekini greatly resembling
設定する settei suru establish, create
絆創膏 bansoukou band-aid
割り wari
hasi chopsticks
用意する youi suru prepare, arrange, provide
ura opposite side, bottom; rear, back
戦う tatakau, tatakatta
きっと surely, undoubtedly
現れる arawareru, arawareta appear, come in sight, materialize
主人公 syuzinkou protagonist
za seat, place
渡す watasu ferry across; hand over
返す kaesu, kaesita return, restore
唯一 yuiitu only, sole, unique
特徴 tokutyou feature, trait, characteristic
透明な toumei na transparent, clear
させる saseru, saseta make (s.o.) do
治る naoru, naotta get better, get well
医療 iryou medical care, medical treatment
恐るべし osorubesi awesome, incredible
見習う minarau, minaratta follow another's example
変身 hensin metamorphosis, transformation
喋り syaberi talk, chat
第一歩 daiippo first step
解き方 tokikata how to solve
頑張る ganbaru, ganbatta
感動 kandou being deeply moved, excitement, passion
壊す kowasu, kowasita break, destroy
感想 kansou impressions, thoughts, feelings
覚える oboeru, oboeta
内容 naiyou contents
加減 kagen degree, extent
殴る naguru, nagutta strike, hit

Ch. 21

一大決心 itidaikessin momentous decision
終わり owari the end
勇気 yuuki bravery, courage
合わせる awaseru, awaseta match; join together
狭い semai, semakatta narrow, confined
遠慮 enryo
失礼 siturei
様子 yousu state, state of affairs; appearance, look
賛成 sansei approval, agreement
問い toi question, query
仲良い nakayoi close, intimate
誕生日 tanzyoubi
下着 sitagi
熱心 nessin zealous, enthusiastic, ardent
理解する rikai suru understand, comprehend
勘違い kantigai misunderstanding, mistaken idea
協力する kyouryoku suru cooperate, collaborate
setu theory, doctrine; opinion, view
浮上 huzyou surfacing; emerging
まず first of all, before anything else
多分 tabun
登下校 tougekou going to and from school
交換する koukan suru exchage, interchange
疎い utoi, utokatta distant, aloof; knowing little of, ill-informed
同士 dousi fellow, mutual, companion
普通 hutuu
恥ずかしい hazukasii, hazukasikatta
緊張 kintyou tension, mental strain
練習 rensyuu
誤解 gokai misunderstanding

Ch. 22

短い mizikai, mizikakatta short; brief
最終日 saisyuubi last day, final day
今頃 imagoro about this time
ためる tameru, tameta amass, accumulate; leave unpaid
必死 hissi frantic, desperate
話題 wadai topic, subject
完成する kansei suru complete
試す tamesu, tamesita attempt, test, try out
口調 /kutyou// tone (of voice), manner of talking
関係 kankei
部活動 bukatudou club activities, extracurricular activities
予定 yotei plans, arrangement, schedule
陸上 /rikuzyou// land, ground, shore; track and field events
勧誘する kanyuu suru invite, solicit
特に toku ni particularly, especially
koro suitable time; time of year, season
吹奏楽 suisougaku wind instrument music
初耳 hatumimi something heard for the first time
成績 seiseki results, record, grades
向く muku, muita turn toward, face; be suited to, be fit for
hara belly, stomach
結構な kekkou na
まとも decency, normality
吠える hoeru, hoeta bark, howl
頼む tanomu, tanonda
恥ずかしい hazukasii, hazukasikatta
もむ momu, monda rub; massage
勘弁する kanben suru pardon, forgive
恥じる haziru, hazita feel ashamed
女子っぽい zyosippoi girlish
ていうか I mean...
血液型 ketuekigata blood type
バラバラ scattered, disperse, loose
見事な migoto na splendid, magnificent, excellent; utter, total
kata model, type
自己中 zikotyuu selfishness, egotism
確かに tasika ni surely, certainly
決め kime agreement, rule
ほめ praise
ai love, affection, care
愛してる ai site ru I love you
喋る syaberu, syabetta
しかる sikaru, sikatta scold, chide, rebuke
今後 kongo from now on
乞う kou, kotta beg, ask, request
期待する kitai suru expect, anticipate, hope
学期 gakki school term, semester
日誌 nissi journal, log
残る nokoru, nokotta
むしろ rather, better, instead
写す utusu, utusita transcribe, duplicate


Vol. 3

とびっきり best, extra-fine
探す sagasu, sagasita
面白い omosiroi, omosirokatta
付き合う tukiau, tukiatta associate with, keep company with; go along with, accompany someone
難しい muzukasii, muzukasikatta
教科書 kyoukasyo
漫画 manga
持ち込み motikomi bring your own, carry-on
当たり前 atarimae natural, reasonable, obvious; usual, common, ordinary
さすが as one would expect; still, after all
一緒に issyo ni
過ごす sugosu, sugosita pass, spend
かけがえ replacement, substitution
あやまる ayamaru, ayamatta apologize

Ch. 23

方式 housiki form, method, system
決定する kettei suru decide, determine
学期 gakki school term, semester
まま condition, state
ki period, time
副会長 hukukaityou vice president
めくる mekuru, mekutta turn over, turn page of book; tear off, strip off
聞き捨てならない kikizute naranai inexecusable, unpardonable
流れる nagareru, nagareta stream, flow (liquid, time)
namida tears, lachrymal secretion
選挙 senkyo election
お知らせ osirase notice, notification
事情 zizyou circumstances, conditions, situation
季節 kisetu season, time of year
簡単な kantan na simple, easy, uncomplicated
飛ぶ tobu, tonda
百合 yuri lily, yuri
hime young lady of noble birth
季刊誌 kikansi quarterly magazine
生徒会 seitokai student council
落ち込む otikomu, otikonda feel down, feed sad, be depressed
延期 enki postponement, deferment, adjournment
歪む yugamu, yuganda warp, bend; be perverted, be distorted
tosi age, years
仲良し nakayosi intimate friend, close friend
仕舞う simau, simatta
難しい muzukasii, muzukasikatta
阿寒湖 akanko Lake Akan (in Hokkaido)
無し nasi without; unacceptable, not alright
集中する syuutyuu suru concentrate, focus
oku hundred million
貯金 tyokin putting money aside, savings
旅行 ryokou travel, trip, journey
欲しい hosii, hosikatta
例えば tatoeba for example, for instance
自宅 zitaku one's home, one's house
宿題 syukudai
全然 zenzen
扱い atukai treatment, service
見通し mitoosi unobstructed view, perspective; forecast, outlook; insight
勝つ katu, katta win, gain victory
グー rock
パー papper
チョキ scissors
集中する syuutyuu suru concentrate, focus
突然 totuzen abrupt, sudden, unexpected
進級する sinkyuu suru promote
可能性 kanousei possibility, likelihood
否定 hitei denial, negation
照れる tereru, tereta be shy, be bashful, feel awkward
友情 yuuzyou friendship
かたい katai, katakatta hard, solid; strong, firm

Ch. 24

予防する yobou suru prevent, take precaution against
病気 byouki
風邪 kaze
kata model, type
流行 ryuukou fashion, trend; prevalence (of disease), epidemic
流行る hayaru, hayatta be popular; be prevalent, spread widely (e.g. disease)
勢い ikioi force, vigor; impetus, momentum
増す masu, masita increase, grow
キャラソン character song, leitmotif
無茶な mutya na absurb, unreasonable, excessive
第二 daini second
setu theory, doctrine
再浮上 saihuzyou resurfacing
正直 syouziki honestly, frankly
微妙 bimyou subtle, delicate; not great, iffy
めっちゃ very, extremely
ご飯 gohan
失礼 siturei
最近 saikin
太る hutoru, hutotta put on weight, gain weight
食う kuu, kutta eat (male term)
睡眠 suimin sleep
たっぷり full, ample
毎晩 maiban
寝る neru, neta
ばったり with a thud; unexpectedly; suddenly
そこそこ reasonably, fairly
夜更かしする yohukasi suru staying up late, keeping late hours
実際 zissai reality, actuality; practice; truly, really
眠い nemui, nemukatta sleepy, drowsy
漫画 manga
気づく kiduku, kiduita notice, recognize
全巻 zenkan complete set (of volumes)
読破 dokuha reading through (a book), finishing (a book)
授業 zyugyou
さすがに as one would expect, indeed; still, all the same
起きる okiru, okita
放課後 houkago after school
意外 igai unexpected, surprising
早起きする hayaoki suru get up early
覚める sameru, sameta wake, wake up; become sober
手洗い tearai
とうがい appropriate, relevant
必須 hissu indispensible, essential
うがい gargling, rinsing one's mouth
略す ryakusu, ryakusita abbreviate, omit
流行る hayaru, hayatta be popular; be prevalent, spread widely
確かに tasika ni
tai party, group, crew
結成する kessei suru form, combine
まず first, first of all
栄養 eiyou nutrition, nourishment
きちんと properly, accurately, exactly
遊ぶ asobu, asonda
睡眠 suimin sleep
昼夜 tyuuya day and night
逆転 gyakuten change, reversal, turn-around
atai price, cost
努力 doryoku effort, exertion, endeavor
何度でも nando de mo any number of times
乾燥する kansou suru dry, dehydrate, dessicate
危険 kiken danger, peril, hazard
換気 kanki suru ventilate
温度 ondo temperature
nodo throat
素晴らしい subarasii, subarasikatta
隊員 taiin troops, group members
最後 saigo end, conclusion
昼寝 hirune nap (afternoon), siesta
ガマンする endure, persevere; have self control, restraint
さみしい samisii, samisikatta lonely (sabisii)
動く ugoku, ugoita move, stir
実際 zissai reality, actuality
さらに furthermore
効果 kouka effect, result
翌日 yokuzitu next day
常識 zyousiki common sense, good sense
覆す kutugaesu, kutugaesita overturn, capsize
大事件 daiziken major incident
燃える moeru, moeta burn, get fired up
見舞い mimai visiting ill or distressed people
落ち込む otikomu, otikonda feel down, feel sad
乾布まさつ kanpumasatu rubdown with dry towel
馬鹿 baka
ごもっとも you are quite right

Ch. 25

負ける makeru, maketa
ババ old maid; joker (card)
抜き nuki leaving out, omitting
un fortune, luck
表情 hyouzyou facial expression
憧れる akogareru, akogareta long for, yearn after
笑い warai laugh, laughter
一発芸 ippatugei one-liner, gag
teki opponent, rival, adversary
ギョロ目 gyorome bulging eyes, goggle eyes
残骸 zangai ruins, wreckage
捨てる suteru, suteta
展開 tenkai development, evolution, progression
可能性 kanousei potentially, possibility
探る saguru feel around for, grope for
漆黒 sikkoku jet black
桃色 momo iro pink
吐息 toiki sigh, long breath
kami hair
戦隊 sentai squadron
やべー dangerous, risky
実写 zissya on location filming; live filming
特撮 tokusatu special effects
腐る kusaru, kusatta rot, decay
度胸 dokyou courage, bravery
壊滅的 kaimetuteki devastating, catastrophic
神経衰弱 sinkeisuizyaku nervous breakdown

Ch. 26

数日 suuzitu few days
街中 matinaka downtown
溢れかえる ahurekaeru, ahurekeatta be awash with, teem with
ごっこ game of make-believe, something done together
一組 hitokumi one set, a pair
抽選会 tyuusenkai lottery, raffle
結果 kekka
想像 souzou imagination, guess
繋ぐ tunagu, tunaida connect, link together; tie, fasten
恥ずかしい hazukasii, hazukasikatta
空気 kuuki air, atmosphere; mood
得意 tokui satisfaction, pride; one's forte
タクアン pickled daikon radish
漬ける tukeru, tuketa soak, steep; pickle
込める komeru, kometa load (a gun), charge; put into (effort)
餡蜜 anmitu mixture of bean jam, boiled beans, agar cubes, fruit, and syrup
ニンジン carrot
ピーマン bell pepper
内緒 naisyo secrecy, privacy

Ch. 27

振り出し huridasi shaking (something) out; starting point, beginning
謹賀 kinga wishes of happiness
賀状 gazyou New Year's card
お年玉 otosidama New Year's gift
初詣 hatumoude first shrine visit of the New Year
運ぶ hakobu, hakonda
おせち oseti food eaten at New Year's
出会う deau, deatta meet (by chance), come across
おでこ brow, forehead
上出来 zyoudeki good performance, good work
最終的 saisyuuteki final, ultimate
かすれる kasureru, kasureta get blurred
寿司 susi
相手 aite companion, partner
助かる tasukaru, tasukatta
白目 sirome cold, unwelcoming eyes
剥く muku, muita peel, skin; open wide (eyes)
流れ nagare flow; course of events
感じる kanziru, kanzita feel, sense
頂く itadaku, itadaita
幸い saiwai happiness, blessedness

Ch. 28

名簿 meibo register of names
整理する seiri suru sort, arrange
頑張る ganbaru
やだ not a chance, no way
桃色 momoiro pink
遊戯 yuugi game, play, sports
oku inner part, inside
突っ込む tukkomu, tukkonda thrust (something) into (something), cram, stuff
紛れ込む magirekomu, magirekonda disappear into, slip into
捕まえる tukamaeru, tukamaeta catch, capture
kabe wall
隙間 sukima crevice, crack
ホウキ broom
誘導する yuudou guide, lead
苦手 nigate poor (at), weak (at); not one's cup of tea
直接な tyokusetu na direct, immediate, firsthand
触れ hure touch, contact
ビビる bibiru, bibitta feel nervous, feel afraid
忙しい isogasii, isogasikatta
だらしない slovenly, untidy; weak, gutless
たくましい takumasii, takumasikatta burly, strong; indomitable, bold
注意する tyuui suru attend, notice, heed; take care, take caution
手づかみ tedukami grasping (with bare hands)
噛む kamu, kanda bite
伏線 hukusen foreshadowing; preparation
怒る okoru, okotta
覚悟 kakugo readiness, preparedness
逆恨み sakaurami being resented by someone one holds resentment towards; thinking ill of a person based on misunderstanding
捕獲 hokaku capture, seizure
妄想 mousou wild idea, delusion
遅い osoi, osokatta

Ch. 29

設定 settei establishment, creation, posing (a problem), setting (move, novel)
初期 syoki early, initial stage
不良 huryou bad, poor, inferior
んち 's house, 's home
遊ぶ asobu, asonda
親戚 sinseki relative, kin
相手 aite companion, company
決定する kettei suru decide, determine
雰囲気 huniki atmosphere, mood; a certain air, presence
似る niru, nita resemble, look like
本物 honmono genuine article, real deal
一肌脱ぐ hitohadanugu, hitohadanuida pitch in and help, lend a hand
正義 seigi
交える mazieru
教え込む osiekomu, osiekonda teach thoroughly, instill
フォロー backing up, covering for
折れる oreru, oreta break, be broken, fracture (intransitive)
散歩 sanpo
注目 tyuumoku notice, attention
嬉しい uresii, uresikatta
喜ぶ yorokobu, yorokonda
っす be, is
逆に gyaku ni conversely
評価 kyouka evaluation, appraisal
つながる tunagaru, tunagatta be tied together; lead to
面倒 mendou trouble, bother
素敵な suteki na lovely, wonderful
活きる ikiru, ikita
ちょろい easy, simple
さすが as one would expect
だるい sluggish, languid; bothersome, tiresome
愛想 aiso amiability, friendliness
当然 touzen natural, right
疲れる tukareru, tukareta get tired, become exhausted
格好 kakkou shape, form; appearance
しょっぱい salty; stingy; inferior, poor

Ch. 30

なつかしい fondly remembered, nostalgic
ひょっと possibly, perchance
喧嘩 kenka quarrel, fight
絡む karamu, karanda entangle; pick a quarrel, find fault
確か tasika
メソメソ sobbing, weeping
転ぶ korobu, koronda fall down, fall over
泣く naku, naita cry, weep
変身 hensin
葉っぱ happa leaf, blade (of grass), (pine) needle
仮面 kamen mask
痛い itai
笑う warau
なわばり territory (of an animal)
byou second (unit of time)
地球 tikyuu Earth, the globe
返す kaesu, kaesita return (something), restore
卑怯な hikyou na cowardly; unfair, mean
左腕 sawan left arm
kin fungus; germ, bacteria
張る haru, hatta stick, paste, affix
きく kiku, kitta be effective, take effect
見かける mikakeru, mikaketa happen to see, notice
なぬ what? what did you say?
よそ者 yosomono
隊員 taiin troops, team members
いじめる izimeru, izimeta ill-treat, bully
許す yurusu, yurusita permit, allow
水飲み場 mizunomiba drinking fountain, water fountain
冷たい tumetai, tumetakatta
ダサい uncool, unsophisticated
貫通 kantuu passing through, penetrating
投げる nageru, nageta throw
反則 hansoku foul play, breaking the rules
わがまま selfish, egoist
戻る modoru, modotta
命拾い inoti biroi narrow escape from death
セリフ speech, words, remarks
独り占め hitorizime hogging, having all to oneself
泥んこ doronko mud
写真 syasin
撮る toru take (a photo)
寸評 sunpyou brief review, brief comment
泣き虫 nakimusi crybaby
結構な kekkou na
やんちゃ naughty; rascal, naughty kid
kan feeling, sensation
ステキ lovely, wonderful
肯定的 kouteiteki affirmative
評価 hyouka valuation, appraisal
にして only, just because
ぶっ飛ぶ buttobu, buttonda fly (with force), blast
ぶっ飛ばす buttobasu, buttobasita knock (someone) off their feet
暴力 bouryoku violence, mayhem
育つ sodatu, sodatta be raised, be brought up
ko child
売る uru, utta
突っ込む tukkomu, tukkonda thrust, cram, shove

Ch. 31

たまに occasionally, once in a while
日常 nitizyou
あら oh, ah (female language)
勉強 benkyou
日々 hibi every day, daily
積み重ねる tumikasaneru, tumikasaneta pile up, accumulate
予習する yosyuu suru prepare for a lesson
復讐する hukusyuu suru review (learned material)
基本 kihon basics, fundamentals
おろそかにする neglect, ignore
迷惑 meiwaku trouble, annoyance
勝手 katte one's own convenience, selfishness
無断 mudan without permission
占拠 senkyo occupation
言語道断 gongodoudan outrageous, preposterous
許可 kyoka permission
甘い amai, amakatta
禁物 kinmotu no-no, thing that should be avoided
違和感 iwakan uncomfortable feeling, sense of discomfort
絶対 zettai definitely, absolutely
後頭部 koutoubu back of the head
タンコブ bump
打つ utu, utta hit, strike
漫画 manga
転ぶ korobu, koronda fall down, fall over
kado corner, edge
ぶつける butukeru, butuketa hit (e.g. one's head), strike
治る naoru, naotta get better
とりあえず first of all, at once; for now, for the time being
頼る tayoru, tayotta rely on, depend on
認める mitomeru, mitometa recognize, observe
病院 byouin
やっぱ too, also
叩く tataku, tataita strike, clap, knock
便利 benri
死にませんか won't you die?
ハリセン paper fan used in slapstick comedy
威力 iryoku power, might
非常 hizyou
非常識 hizyousiki lack of common sense
自己中 zikotyuu selfishness, egotism
我慢 gaman endurance, patience; self-control
物騒な bussou na dangerous, unsettled
殴る naguru, nagutta strike, hit, beat
人騒がせ hitosawagase person that annoys or causes trouble
再起動 saikidou restart, reboot
人格 zinkaku personality, character
報告 houkoku report, information

Ch. 32

言い草 iigusa remarks, comments
資料 siryou materials, data, document
汚す yogosu, yogosita contaminate, pollute; disgrace, dishonor
ほんま truth, reality
見抜く minuku, minuita see through, detect
整理する seiri suru sort, arrange
退屈 taikutu boredom, tedium
勝負 syoubu victory or defeat; match, contest
済む sumu, sunda finish, be completed
合わせる awaseru, awaseta compare, check with
下着 sitagi
づらい difficult to (suffix), hard to
せや that is right, that is so (Kansai)
嗅ぐ kagu, kaida sniff, smell
幽霊 yuurei ghost, apparition
嘘をつく uso o tuku tell a lie
楽勝 rakusyou easy victory
商店街 syoutengai shopping district
福引 hukubiki lottery, drawing
クジ lottery, raffle
un fortune, luck
我が家 wa ga ie our house
可愛い kawaii, kawaikatta
飼う kau, katta keep (a pet), have
動物 doubutu
秘密 himitu secret; mystery
金魚 kingyo goldfish
通う kayou, kayotta go back and forth between; commute (to work, school)
感じ kanzi
たまに occasionally, once in a while
漬物 tukemono pickled vegetables
心が通う kokoro ga kayou, kayotta understand each other well, relate to
kata model, type
双子 hutago twin
覚え oboe memory, experience
続く tuduku, tuduita continue, last, go on
順調 zyuntyou favorable, doing well
片付ける katadukeru, kataduketa
きっちり exactly, precisely
発表する happyou suru announce, publish


Vol. 4

百合 yuri
hime young lady of noble birth, princess
引越しする hikkosi suru move, change residence
感激 kangeki deep emtion, impression
気合い kiai (fighting) spirit, (shout when performing attack move)
nizi rainbow
下靴 sitakutu
脱げる nugeru, nugeta come off, slip off
停電 teiden power outage
見開き mihiraki two-page spread, two pages opposite each other
残念 zannen
点く tuku, tuita be lit (electricity)

Ch. 33

給食 kyuusyoku provision of lunch, lunch service
ちくわ chikuwa (tube-shaped fish paste cake)
磯辺揚げ isobeage fried food wrapped in nori
準備する zyunbu suru prepare, arrange
ご飯 gohan
かめ earthenware pot
中途半端 tyuutohanpa half measures, unfinished, incomplete
割り箸 waribasi disposable chopsticks
なし without; unacceptable, not right
古今東西 kokontouzai a game in which a category (e.g. countries) and players provide examples until someone can't come up with one that hasn't been said. Possibly one must recite all previous answers first.
全員 zenin all members
授業 zyugyou
実際 zissai reality, actuality
難しい muzukasii, muzukasikatta
気障な kiza na affected, smug, pompous
吹く huku, huita blow, breathe out; emit (smoke, fire)
hitomi pupil of eye
夜空 yozora evening sky
輝く kagayaku, kagayaita shine, glitter
実に zitu ni indeed, really
細かい komakai, komakatta small; fine, minute
iso (rocky) beach, seashore

ピントくる get (a joke), know intuitively, click
尽くし dukusi all sorts of, all kinds of (suffix)
出番 deban one's turn, one's shift
泊まる tomaru, tomatta stay (e.g. at a hotel)
恥辱 /tizyoku// shame, disgrace
寝言 negoto sleep-talking
ダジャレ feeble joke, bad pun
増える hueru, hueta increase
当選 tousen being elected
対決 taiketu confrontation, showdown
前回 zenkai previous time, last time
ボロボロ worn-out, ragged
せず without, (neg. form of する)
sirusi badge, crest, flag
体育 taiiku physical education, gym class
置く oku, oita

Ch. 34

掃除する souzi suru clean
余計な yokei na too many, too much
判定する hantei suru judge, decide
適当な tekitou na suitable, proper
もふもふ soft to the touch, fluffy
ホコリ dust
hukuro bag, sack
密室 missitu locked room, secret room
妬ましい netamasii, netamasikatta jealous, envious
捨てる suteru, suteta
忙しい isogasii, isogasikatta
当然 touzen natural, right, proper
廊下 rouka
混ぜる mazeru, mazeta mix, stir, blend
ごまかす gomakasu, gomakasita deceive, falsify, misrepresent
怒る okoru, okotta
回収する kaisyuu suru collect, recover
黙る damaru, damatta be silent, say nothing
駄目 dame
葉っぱ happa leaf, blade (of grass)
ryou quantity, amount
ba place, spot
着る kiru, kita wear
ぶつかる butukaru, butukatta strike against, collide with
便器 benki toilet bowl, urinal
磨く migaku, migaita polish, shine, brush
徹底的 tetteiteki thorough, complete
かつて once, before, formerly
真剣な sinken na serious, earnest
正直な syouziki na honest, frank
ぴかぴか with a glitter, with a sparkle
まるで completely, quite, entirely
静寂 seizyaku silence, stillness
静か sizuka quiet, silent
またまた once again, yet again
めんどくさい mendokusai, mendokusakatta tiresome, bothersome
息切れ ikigire shortness of breath
競争 kyousou competition
コンビ pair, duo, "combination"
やればできる you can do it if you try
普段 hudan normal, usual

Ch. 35

結構な kekkou na splendid, nice, wonderful
自習 zisyuu self-study, teaching oneself
邪魔 zyama hindrance, obstacle
あんま (not) very, (not) much
漢字 kanzi kanji
構える kamaeru, kamaeta set up, build, establish; have at the ready
張る haru, hatta stick, paste, affix; stretch, spread, strain
珍しい mezurasii, mezurasikatta
喧嘩 kenka quarrel, fight
機嫌 kigen humor, temper, mood
励ます hagemasu, hagemasita encourage, cheer
ほっといて back off! leave me alone!
笑顔 egao smiling face
返事 henzi reply, answer, response
あかん no good, hopeless
迷惑 meiwaku trouble, bother
必殺技 hissatuwaza killer technique, surefire assassination method
睨む niramu, niranda glare at, scowl
やっぱ too, also, likewise

Ch. 36

kaki fence, hedge, barrier
西垣奈々 Nisigaki Nana
続々 zokuzoku successively, one after another
登場する touzyou suru enter (on stage), appear (on screen)
松本 Matumoto
教師 kyousi teacher
理科 rika science
担当 tantou being in charge, being responsible
実験 zikken experiment
爆発 bakuhatu explosion
引火する inka suru ignite, catch fire
ボロボロ worn-out, ragged
イケてる cool, stylish, fashionable
yatu fellow, guy
失敗 sippai
恐れる osoreru, osoreta fear, be afraid of
成功 seikou success, hit
最初 saisyo beginning, outset
希望 kibou hope, wish
書類 syorui document, official papers
扱う atukau, atukatta deal with (a person), treat; deal with (a problem), handle
該当 gaitou corresponding to, being applicable to
項目 koumoku item, heading, category
期日 kizitu fixed date, settlement date
職員 syokuin staff member, personnel
使用 siyou use, application
禁止する kinsi suru prohibit, ban
居座る isuwaru, isuwatta
空飛ぶ soratobu, soratonda fly in the sky
助走 zyosou approach run
屋上 okuzyou rooftop
降りる oriru, orita descend
予想する yosou suru expect, anticipate
辞書 zisyo
ひとっ飛び hitottobi one jump, one flight
kai story, floor
発射台 hassyadai launching pad
大砲 taihou cannon, artillery
遠い tooi, tookatta
衝撃 syougeki shock, impact
半壊 hankai partial destruction
簡単 kantan
壊滅 kaimetu destruction, annihilation
必須 hissu indispensible, essential
素晴らしい subarasii, subarasikatta
屋根 yane roof
被験者 hikensya test subject
改良する kairyou suru improve, reform
甲高い kandakai, kandakakatta high-pitched, shrill
ふざける huzakeru, hezaketa joke, jest, kid
副作用 hukusayou side effect
伸びる nobiru, nobita stretch, extend
切りそろえる kirisoroeru, kirisoroeta cut and even up
遅い osoi, osokatta
待ちくたびれる matikutabireru, matikutabireta get tired of waiting
無傷 mukizu unhurt, uninjured
こげる kogeru, kogeta burn, scorch
仲良く nakayoku, nakayoita on good terms with, on cordial terms with
関係 kankei
試す tamesu, tamesita attempt, test, try out
募集 bosyuu recruitment, invitation
断る kotowaru, kotowatta refuse, reject
初めて hazimete
普段 hudan usual, normal
初耳 hatumimi something heard for the first time

Ch. 37

双子 hutago twin
緊張 kintyou tension, mental strain
優しい yasasii, yasasikatta tender, kind, gentle
お風呂 ohuro
流し nagasi sink
布団 huton
内緒 naisyo secrecy, confidentiality, privacy
妄想 mousou
sai on the occasion of
外す hazusu, hazusita remove, take off
視界 sikai field of vision, visibility, view
遮る saegiru, saegitta interrupt, obstruct
とぎすまし sharpen, grind, whet
精神 seisin mind, spirit, soul
よだれ drool
お揃い osoroi being together, going together
嫌う kirau, kiratta hate, dislike
うざい annoying, noisy
すっこむ sukkomu, sukkonda draw back, leave
のんきな carefree, optimistic
手伝い tetudai
誤魔化す gomakasu, gomakasita deceive, falsify, misrepresent
マーライオン official mascot of Singapore with lion's head and fish body
百合 yuri
姉妹 simai sisters
納得する nattoku suru consent, agree
余る amaru, amatta remain, be left over
へる heru, hetta decrease, diminish, abate
場合 baai
余裕 yoyuu surplus, margin, leeway
あれま温泉 Arima onsen in Kobe
けち stinginess, miserliness
委員 iin committee member
黙る damaru, damatta be silent, say nothing
kumi class (of students)
改める aratameru, aratameta change, alter; reform, correct
くたばれ drop dead! go to hell!
容赦無い yousya nai merciless, relentless
照れる tereru, tereta be shy, be bashful
愛憎 aizou love and hate
抜く nuku, nuita pull out, draw out; omit, leave out
あかん useless, no good
態度 taido attitude, manner
仲良くする nakayoku suru make friends with
図書室 tosyositu library (room)

Ch. 38

namida tears, lachrymal secretion
アンケート questionnaire, survey
迷惑 meiwaku trouble, bother
きつい tough, hard
偉い erai, erakatta great, excellent; very troublesome, awful
ぼっとする botto suru be in a daze, be absent-minded
うっとりする uttori suru be ecstatic, be spellbound
一瞬 issyun instant, moment, for an instant
意識 isiki consciousness
駄目 dame
危険 kiken danger, peril
犠牲 gisei sacrifice, victim
抜く nuku, nuita pull out, extract
きっかけ chance, start, cue, motive
まま condition, state
コケ folly, fool

Ch. 39

粘土 nendo clay
懐かしい natukasii, natukasikatta
紙粘土 kaminendo papier mâché
abura oil
油粘土 aburanendo oil-based clay
臭い kusai, kusakatta stinking, smelly
固まる katamaru, katamatta harden, solidify
のんびり at leisure, in a relaxed manner
へら spatula
キリン giraffe
生首 namakubi freshly severed head
鼻水 hanamizu nasal mucus, snot
団子 dango dumpling
弄ぶ moteasobu, moteasonda play with, fiddle with
餃子 gyouza pot sticker
くたくた exhausted, tired
器用な kiyou na skillful, adroit, dextrous
見せかける misekakeru, misekaketa pretend, feign
開脚 kaikyaku spreading the legs, opening the legs
yome wife, bride
増える hueru, hueta increase, multiply
当然な touzen na natural, right, proper
修学旅行 syuugakuryokou field trip, school trip
準備する zyunbi suru prepare, arrange
行き先 ikisaki destination
han group, party, team
調べる siraberu, sirabeta
自信作 zisinsaku work of art a creator has confidence or pride in
八つ橋 yatuhasi cinnamon-seasoned rice flour cracknel
木刀 bokutou wooden sword
落ちる otiru, otita

Ch. 40

浮かれる ukareru, ukereta make merry, be festive
罰金 bakkin fine, penalty
久しぶり hisasiburi
関西 kansai
絵馬 ema votive picture
ソワソワ restlessly, nervously
胎内巡り tainaimeguri
巡り meguri tour, pilgrimage
胎内 tainai interior of womb or uterus
脱ぐ nugu, nuida
想像 souzou imagination, guess
手すり tesuri handrail, railing
ゴツゴツ rugged, angular
yuka floor
不思議な husigi na wonderful, marvelous, strange
曲がる magaru, magatta bend, curve, twist
触る sawaru, sawatta touch, feel
つかまる tukamaru, tukamatta hold on to, grasp
許す yurusu, yurusita permit, allow
飛び降り tobiori jumping off
禁止令 kinsirei ban, prohibition
予想外 yosougai unexpected, unforeseen
恐ろしい osorosii, osorosikatta terrible, dreadful
反応 hannou reaction, response
清水 simizu spring water
舞台 butai stage (theater)
撮る toru, totta take (a photo)
たまに occasionally
頭痛 zutuu headache
頭悪い atama warui slow, dim
素直な sunao na
いっぱい full
taki waterfall
それぞれ each, respectively
健康 kenkou health
美容 biyou beauty, good figure
出世 syusse success in life, getting ahead
利益 riyaku profit, gains
興味 kyoumi interest (in something), curiosity (about something)
観音 Kannon
撫でる naderu, nadeta stroke, caress
清水 simizu spring water
真下 masita right under, directly below
ほんま truth, reality
落ちる otiru, otita fall down, drop
toge thorn, spine
刺す sasu, sasita pierce, stab
物騒な bussou na dangerous, unsettled
覚悟 kakugo readiness, preparedness
相当 soutou corresponding to, being equivalent to
gen reduction, decrease
まし better, preferable
みたらし団子 mitarasi dango skewered rice dumpling
疲れる tukareru, tukareta
紅葉 kouyou autumn colors; leaves turning red
ソワソワ restlessly, nervously
泊まる tomaru, tomatta
調べる siraberu, sirabeta
和室 wasitu Japanese-style room
布団 huton
並べる naraberu, narabeta
寝かせる nekaseru, nekasita put to bed
真っ先に massaki ni at the beginning, first of all
大浴場 daiyokuzyou large public bath
ジロジロ staringly, scrutinizingly
失血死 sikketusi bleeding to death

Ch. 41

露天 roten open air
露天風呂 rotenburo open air bath
気持ち kimoti feeling, sensation
定番 teiban standard, routine
投げる nageru, nageta throw, hurl
大会 taikai mass meeting, convention; tournament, competition
駄目 dame
修学 syuugaku learning
旅行 ryokou
なし without; unacceptable, not alright
相手 aite companion, partner
動く ugoku, ugoita move, stir
失格 sikkaku disqualification, elimination
作戦 sakusen tactics, strategy
直後 tyokugo immediately following
色仕掛け irozikake seductive techniques to attain one's end
とぼけ assumed innocence, feigned ignorance
あかん useless, no good
inoti life, life force
関わる kakawaru, kakawatta be affected, be influenced
禁止 kinsi prohibition
卑怯な hikyou na cowardly, craven; unfair, mean
設ける moukeru, mouketa prepare, provide
男言葉 otokokotoba men's language
全員 zenin
女らしい onnarasii, onnarasikatta
喋る syaberu, syabeta
大した taisita considerable, great, important
食らう kurau, kuratta
攻撃 kougeki attack, assault
越す kosu, kosita cross over
嬢様 zyousama unmarried woman
浴衣 yukata
逆恨み sakaurami being resented; thinking ill based on misunderstanding
卑劣な hiretu na mean, contemptible
ase sweat, perspiration
汗だく asedaku dripping with sweat

Ch. 42

tabi travel, trip, journey
道連れ mitidure fellow traveller
突然 totuzen abrupt, sudden
修学旅行 syuugakuryokou
羨ましい urayamasii, urayamasikatta envious, jealous
大体 daitai outline, main points
目線 mesen point of view, standpoint
上から目線 condescending attitude, arrogant attitude
途中 totyuu en route, on the way
グズル guzuru, guzutta grumble, be unsettled
扱い atukai treating as (suffix)
すんな contraction of するな
結構な kekkou na
発見 hakken
苗字 myouzi surname, family name
恐らく osoraku perhaps, likely
何げに nange ni inadvertently; truthfully, unexpectedly
どうでも anyway, anyhow
どうでもいい inconsequential, indifferent, not worth worrying about
hara abdomen, stomach
寄る yoru, yotta approach, draw near; gather (in one place); stop by
おかか bonito flakes
反する han suru be contrary to, be inconsistent with
味見 azimi tasting, sampling
運動 undou excercise, physical training
失う usinau, usinatta lose; miss
塩分 enbun salt, salt content
即吟に sokugi ni immediately, right away; on the spot
補う oginau, oginatta supplement, make up for
絶妙な zetumyou na exiquisite, superb
塩加減 siokagen seasoning with salt
絶賛 zessan high praise, great admiration
意地 izi stubbornness, obstinacy
張る haru, hatta stick, paste, affix; stretch, spread
詰める tumeru, tumeta stuff into, jam, cram
茂る sigeru, sigetta grow thickly, be in full leaf
kuma bear
シャレ joke, pun, jest
知らせる siraseru, seraseta notify, advise
hue flute, fife, pipe
吹く huku blow (of wind); play (instrument)
suzu bell (globular)
効果 kouka effect, result
さすが as one would expect
用意 youi prepartion, arrangements
周到な syuutou na careful, thorough
倒す taosu, taosita
てっきり surely, without doubt (said of beliefs that turn out to be false)
いばる ibaru, ibatta put on airs, act big
打開 dakai break in the deadlock
saku plan, policy, means
じいや elderly manservant
迎える mukaeru, mukaeta
黙る damaru, damatta
真剣な sinken na serious, earnest
ひょっと possibly, perchance
毛虫 kemusi hair caterpillar, woolly bear
迷子 maigo lost child
放題 houdai doing as one pleases
迷う mayou, mayotta lose one's way, get lost
ぐるっと turning round, going around
一周 issyou one round, one circuit
納得 nattoku consent, assent
加減 kagen degree, extent, amount

Ch. 43

悲しむ kanasimu, kanasinda be sad, mourn for
数日 suuzitu few days
死活 sikatu life or death
最低 saitei least, lowest
枯れる kareru, kareta wither, be blasted, die
駄目 dame
通う kayou, kayotta go to and from
何枚 nan mai how many sheets
時々 /tokidoki//
溢れる ahureru, ahureta overflow, brim over, flood
こもる komoru, komotta be filled with (emotion)
危うい ayaui, ayaukatta dangerous, in danger
気絶 kizetu faint, swoon
魅力 miryoku charm, fascination
たまに occasionally, once in a while
可愛い kawaii, kawaikatta
すっごく awfully, immensely
真っ直ぐ massugu
他に in addition, besides
匂い nioi
優しい yasasii, yasasikatta
ちょっぴり a tiny bit, a smidge
周り mawari surroundings, neighborhood
嬉しい uresii, uresikatta
相談する soudan suru
yoku greed, craving, desire
善意 zeni virtuous mind; good intentions, good will
膝枕 hizamakura laying one's head in someone's lap
満足 manzoku satisfiaction, contentment
褒める homeru, hometa praise, commend
くすぐったい kusuguttai, kusuguttakatta ticklish
殺す korosu, korosita kill, slay
遠慮 enryo
フルコース full-course dinner
屈強な kukkyou na robust, brawny
道路工事 dourokouzi road construction
刺激 sigeki stimulus, impetus
寂しい sabisii, sabisikatta
痩せる yaseru, yaseta become thin, lose weight
土産 miyage
hasi bridge
キーホルダー keychain, key holder
押す osu, osita