Vol. 1

赤座あかり Akaza Akari
歳納京子 Tosinou Kyouko
船見結衣 Funami Yui
吉川ちなつ Yosikawa Chinatsu
杉浦綾乃 Sugiura Ayano
池田千歳 Ikeda Chitose
大室櫻子 Oomuro Sakurako
古谷向日葵 Furutani Himawari

良い yoi good
ゆえに therefore, consequently
主人公 syuzinkou protagonist
sa seat, place, position
追う ou, otta chase, follow, drive out
とにかく anyhow, at any rate, anyway
強い tuyoi, tuyokatta strong, tough; skilled, knowledgeable; resilient, firm; dependable, trustworthy
生きる ikiru, ikita live, exist
ほしい want
周囲 syuui surroundings, environs
付く tuku, tuita be attached, be connected; take root
くらい approximately, about; to about the extent that, almost enough that
暴走する bousou suru act rashly, run wildly, behave recklessly
問題 mondai question; problem
ツッコミ straight man (to ぼけ)
yaku role, assignment, responsibility
彼女 kanozyo

Ch. 1

入学 nyuugaku admission
raku easy
bu department
入部 nyuubu entrance
ちょーだい give me
おぬ でとー together
iwai congratulation
結衣 Yui
調子 tyousi tune; manner; condition
乗る noru, notta get on; reach
調子乗るな don't ride
まで until
本気 honki earnest
出していない dasitei nai not issuing
賁方へ to the side
あなたのことです it is about you
永遠 eien forever
らしい it would seem
ならば if
久しぶり hisasiburi long time no see
hen stange
感じ kanzi feeling
生まれる umareru be born
同学 dougaku same school
同学年 dougakunen same grade
騒がしい sawagasii noisy
京子 Kyoko
充分 juubun sufficient
充分なのに even though it is enough
hoka other
人いるのつ hito iru notu
待て mate wait
ところで by the way
娯楽部 gorakubu entertainment club
tya tea
茶道 sadou tea ceremony
部室 busitu section room
廃部 haibu club disbandment
dare who
こっそり secretly
好き suki like, be fond of, love
わけ wake reason
休み yasumi a vacation
時間とかにも as time goes by
だらだら leisurely
i clothing
onna woman
女つ jotu female
musume daughter
魔女 majo witch
最新 saisin latest
kan publication
とって handle
今回 konkai this time
天敵 tenteki natural enemy
戦い tatakai fight
戦いもすごかった the fight was amazing
願望 ganbo desire
ていうか I mean
ai love
華麗 karei splendid, magnificent, gorgeous
登場 touzyou appearance
正義 seigi justice
というふうに in the same way
den legend
伝わる tutawaru be handed down
待ってなちゃい please wait
近い tikai near
駄菓子 dagasi sweets
ya house, small shop
知る siru, sitta understand, perceive
奢る ogoru give (someone) a treat
難しい muzukasii difficult
そして adv. consequently; conj. and

Ch. 2

ie house, family
散歩する sanpo suru walk
若返り wakagaeri rejuvenation, restoration of youth
お待たせ omatase
遅刻 tikoku lateness, late coming
忘れる wasureru, wasureta
焦る aseru, asetta be in a hurry, be impatient, be flustered
のんびり carefree, at leisure, in a relaxed manner
kami hair
セット hairdo
しなおす sinaosu, sinaosita do over, remake, resume
へそくり secret savings, secret stash
クラゲ jellyfish
ちらっと見る tiratto miru glance at, glimpse
色々 iroiro various, all sorts of, a variety of
一緒 issyo together
まじまじ staringly, fixedly, unblinkingly
部屋 heya room
立入禁止 tatiirikinsi no trespassing
見ら mira look
うわ yikes, oops, eep
散らかる tirakaru, tirakatta be in disorder, lie scattered around
姉妹 simai sisters
百合 yuri lily, lesbian
そういえば which reminds me, by the way
最近 saikin recently, lately
カニ crab
まさか no way

Ch. 3

弱い yowai
貴方 anata
とも both (suffix)
お前 omae you
寝癖 neguse bed hair, hair disarranged during sleep
刺激的な sigekiteki na stimulating, exciting, provocative
ついて about, concerning, as regards to
起きる okiru, okita get up, rise; wake up, be awake
刺激 sigeki stimulus, impetus, incentive
怖い kowai scary
めっさな extremely
速い hayai fast, quick (cf 早い hayai early, 遠い tooi far)
観覧車 kanransya Ferris wheel
乗り降り noriori getting on and off
遊園地 yuuenti amusement park
求める motomeru, motometa want; request; seek
ぐるぐる round and round
絶対 zettai absolutely
koi (romantic) love
syaku counter for suits of clothing
大穴 ooana dark horse (horse racing)
寝癖 neguse sleeping habit
完全 kanzen perfect, complete
別物 betumono another thing, exception, special case
sina article, item, thing, goods, stock; quality
ベタ Siamese fighting fish
確かな tasika na sure, certain, positive
感じ kanzi feeling, sense, impression
興味 kyoumi interest (in something), curiosity (about something), zest (for)
同人 douzin same person, said person; doujin (Japanese fan who makes manga)
言えば ieba speaking of
こないだ the other day, recently
si magazine
読む yomu, yonda read
e picture, drawing
まだまだ still some way to go before the goal
ジャンル genre
活動 katudou activity, action
始める hazimeru, hazimeta start, begin, commence
だいぶ considerably, greatly, a lot
経つ tatu, tatta pass (of time), elapse
neko cat
知恵 tie wisdom, wit, sagacity, sense, intelligence
幸せ siawase happiness, good fortune, luck, blessing
失礼 siturei discourtesy, impoliteness
希望 kibou hope, wish
希望する kibou suru
変身 hensin metamorphosis, disguise, transformation
面白い omosiroi
気に入る ki ni iru like, be pleased

Ch. 4

とうとう finally, at last
憧れる akogareru, akogareta long for, yearn after
部活 bukatu club activities
いざ now, well
仲間 nakama company, fellow, colleague
部員 buin club member
される passive for of する
べき should, must
落ち oti slip, omission; outcome, final result
こいつ he, she, this fellow, this person
興奮する kouhun suru excite, stimulate, agitate, arouse
気にしない do not mind
以外 igai with the exception of
心肺 sinpai heart and lungs
ゴム用 for rubber
心配ゴム用 sinpai gomuyou don't worry about it, there is nothing to fear
変換 henkan change, conversion, transformation
希望者 kibousya applicant
集まる atumaru, atumatta gather, collect, assemble
復活 hukkatu revival; rebirth, restoration
道具 dougu tool, implement, device; means
練習 rensyuu practice
けっこうな splendid
ふえる hueru, hueta increase, multiply
うれしい happy, glad
持つ motu, motta hold, take carry; possess, have; maintain, keep
だらだら dripping, trickling; gently
普通 hutuu general, ordinary, usual; normal
青春 seisyun youth, springtime of life, adolescent
汗 ase sweat
流す nagasu, nagasita drain, pour, spill
怯える obieru, obieta become frightened (of), be scared (of)
守る mamoru, mamotta protect, guard, defend

Ch. 5

生徒会 seitokai student council
考え事 kangaegoto one's thoughts, concern; thinking about something
綾乃 Ayano
ti blood
おでこ brow, forehead
負ける makeru, maketa lose, be defeated
yatu fellow, guy, chap (derogatory)
決戦 kessen decisive battle, deciding match, play-off
罰金 bakkin fine, penalty
宮殿 kyuuden palace
gi morality, righteousness
義なき ginaki lacking morality
うわ yikes, oops, wow
結果 kekka result, consequence, outcome
kurai grade, rank
漬ける kakeru soak, seep, dip, dunk
充分 zyuubun enough, sufficient
何て -nante such as, thinks like suffix
日々 hibi every day, daily
勉強 benkyou
ら pluralizing suffix; nominalizing suffix
怒る okoru, okotta get angry, get mad
きっと surely, undoubtedly, almost certainly
お邪魔 ozyama
ウワサ rumor
すれば if so, in that situation, in that case
制服 seihuku uniform (i.e. clothing)
可愛い kawai cute, adorable, charming
普段 hudan usual, normal, habitual
ひょいと suddenly, unexpectedly; by chance, accidentally
たら when used after someone's name indicates exasperation
居座る isuwaru, isuwatta remain, stay (somewhere)
無断 mudan without permission, without notice
使用 siyou use, application, utilization
禁止 kinsi prohibition, ban
行為 koui act, dead, conduct
副会長 hukukaityou vice president
ゆるす permit, allow, approve
かつ yet, moreover, and
関係 kankei relationship, connection
乱入 rannyuu trespassing, intrusion
怒鳴る donaru, donatta shout, yell
あかん useless, no good, hopeless
千歳 Chitose
穏便 onbin gentle, peaceable; without fuss
勝負 syoubu victory or defeat; match, contest
脱ぐ nugu, nuide take off (clothes), undress
激しい gekisii, gekisikatta violent, furious; extreme, intense
叩く tataku strike, beat
tugi next, following
勝つ katu, katta win, gain victory
立ち退く tatinoku, tatinoita leave, evacuate, clear out
以外 igai with the exception of, excepting
暑い atui hot, warm, sultry
ばっかり only, merely, nothing but, no more than
遊ぶ asobu, asonde play, enjoy oneself
色気 iroke coloring; sex appeal (of women); sexual urge
実力 zituryoku real ability, true strength, merit
wake reason, cause
優しい yasasii
説明 setumei explanation, exposition
komezirusi used in Japanese to indicate that a parenthetical remark follows
妄想 mousou wild idea, delusion
sai on the occasion of, juncture
視界 sikai field of vision
遮る saegiru, saegitta interrupt, obstruct, block
とぎすましい sharpen, grind, whet
精神 seisin spirit, sprite; energy, vigor
集中 syuutyuu concentration, focusing
させる saseru, saseta make (someone) do
絶対 zettai definitely, absolutely, unconditionally
応援 ouen aid, assistance, help
だって after all, because
居場所 ibasyo whereabouts, place, location; place where one belongs
失くす nakusu lose, mislay
拾う hirou, hirotta pick, find, gather
頑張る ganbaru, ganbatte
hana nose
せいぜい at the most, at best, as far as possible
悪あがき waruagaki useless resistance, vain struggle
しとく colloquial contraction of しておく

Ch. 6

化する ka suru change into, convert to
など et cetera, and the like, and so forth
飾る kazaru, kazatta decorate, adorn; display, exhibit
向日葵 Himawari
ぐずぐず slowly
巻頭 kantou beginning (of a book)
終わる owaru, owatta finish, end, close
オチ punch line (of joke)
成立 seiritu formation, establishment
先輩 senpai
おっさん middle-aged man, Buddhist priest
気になる weigh on one's mind, bother one
kage shadow, silhouette
薄い usui thin; pale, faint
二話 ni wa two episodes
以降 ikou on and after, as from, hereafter, since
やたら indiscriminately, blindly, at random, recklessly
存在感 sonzaikan presence (impressive quality)
よう appearing, looking
言葉 kotoba language, dialect; word, words, phrase, term, expression
見つかる mitukaru, mitukatta be found, be discovered
泳ぐ oyogu, oyonda swim
今後 kongo from now on, hereafter
kai meeting
ni looking like, resembling (suffix)
特徴 tokutyou feature, trait, characteristic
まず first (of all), firstly, to start
挙げて agete all, whole, en masse
提案 teian proposal, suggestion
特徴 tokutyou feature, trait, characteristic
せえの all together now! ready, set, go!
効果音 koukaon sound effect
とうめい transparent, clear
にんげん human being, person
そして and then, thus
足す tasu add
笑う warau, waratta laugh
まま condition, state
すてき lovely, wonderful, nice
むしろ rather, better, instead
無理 muri unreasonable, unnatural; impossible; excessive
続く tuduku, tuduita continue, last, go on

Ch. 7

長期 tyouki long-term
連載 rensai serialization, serial story
布石 huseki opening moves (in go); preparation, groundwork
提出する teisyutu suru present (documents), submit (application)
つと quickly; calmly
仕方 sikata way, method, means
直接 tyokusetu direct, immediate, firsthand
ホンマ truth, reality (Kansai dialect)
けたけた laughing foolishly, cackling
喋る syaberu, syabetta talk, chat, chatter
殴る naguru, nagutta strike, hit, beat, punch
書類 syorui document, official papers
整理 seiri sorting, arrangement, organization
残る nokoru, nokotta remain, be left
ていうか I mean
恥ずかしい hazukasii, hazukasikatta embarassing
違う tigau, tigatta differ, vary
代わる kawaru, kawatta take the place of, substitute
もらえ could you, would you, can you (after て form of verb)
お安い oyasui easy, simple
御用 goyou your order, your business, official business
まかせる makaseru, makaseta entrust (a task) to another
ため good, advantage, benefit, welfare; sake, purpose, aim
喜ぶ yorokobu, yorokonda be delighted, be glad, be pleased
受け uke defense; reputation; agreement
致す itasu, itasita do (humble polite)
おごる ogoru, ogotta to give (someone) a treat
対決 taiketu confrontation, showdown
負ける makeru, maketa lose, be defeated; succumb, surrender, yield
次期 ziki next term, next period
副会長 hukukaityou vice president
だって too, also
もん (sentence final particle, female speech, indicates disatisfaction or desire to be pampered)
というか or rather; or perhaps I should say
相変わらず aikawarazu as ever, as usual, the same, still
生意気 namaiki impertinent, saucy, cheeky
扉絵 tobirae frontispiece
仲良し nakayosi intimate friend, close friend
嫌々 iyaiya unwillingly, reluctantly
互い tagai each other, one another
お互い様 otagai sama the same to you, the feeling is mutual
注目 tyuumoku notice, attention, observation
殴る naguru, nagutta strike, hit, beat
たの (at sentence end, indicates emotion or emphasis)
暴力 bouryoku violence, mayhem
反対 hantai opposition, resistance
それにしても anyway
ryou quantity, amount, volume
片付ける katadukeru, kataduketa
させる saseru, saseta causitive of する
手伝う tetudau, tetudatta
頼む tanomu, tanonda
部活 bukatu club activities
きっと surely, undoubtedly, most likely
終わり owari the end
助かる tasukaru, tasukatta
仕分けする siwake suru classify, sort
冷蔵庫 reizouko refrigerator
進む susumu, susunda progress, advance, improve
遅い osoi, osokatta slow, time-consuming, sluggish
会長 kaityou president, chairman
希望 kibou hope, wish, aspiration
こそ for sure (emphasizes preceding word)
全然 zenzen
naka relationship
悪い warui, warukatta
次期 ziki next term, next period
同士 dousi fellow, mutual, companion
感じ kanzi feeling, sense, impression
ばっかり only, merely, nothing more than
ケンカ (喧嘩) quarrel, brawl, fight
腐れ縁 kusareen undesireable but inseparable relationship
腐れ kusare rotting, spoiling, decaying
en fate, destiny (that binds two people together)
幼稚園 youtien kindergarten
ウンザリ tedious, boring, being fed up with
昨日 kinou yesterday
渡す watasu, watasita ferry across; hand over
意外 igai unexpected, surprising
戻る modoru, modotta turn back; return, go back
気づく kiduku, kiduita notice, recognize, become aware of
お疲れ様 otukaresama
片付く kataduku, kataduita be put in order; be solved, be disposed of
まったく mattaku really, truly, entirely
そそっかしい careless, thoughless, rash
心配 sinpai worry, concern
入れ違い iretigai passing each other

Ch. 8

想い出 omoide memories, recollections
いっぱいいっぱい to the limit, to the fullest extent
暮らし kurasi life, living
冷やし hiyasi chilled
冷やし中華 hiyasi tyuuka chilled Chinese noodles
間違い matigai mistake, blunder
反対 hantai opposition, resistance; opposite, reverse
経験 keiken experience
大家 ooya landlord, landlady
親戚 sinseki relative, kin
賛成 sansei approval, agreement, support
なさそう does not seem, unlikely, improbably
結構 kekkou
建物 tatemono
元々 motomoto from the beginning, originally
文化 bunka culture
会館 kaikan meeting hall
改装する kaisou suru remodel
住む sumu, sunda live (of people), reside, inhabit
空間 kuukan space, room
まったり rich, full-bodied; laid-back, relaxed
布団 huton
日当たり hiatari exposure to the sun, sunny place
良好な ryoukou na good, fine, excellent
makura pillow
薬草 yakusou medicinal herb
なつかし dear, longed for, nostalgic
mukasi olden days, former
kami hair
天井 tenzyou ceiling
シミ stain, spot, smudge
出来事 dekigoto incident, affair, event
かのように as if, as though
過ごす sugosu, sugosita pass (time), spend
洗面所 senmenzyo washroom, bathroom
借りる kariru
死む simu, sinda die, pass away; lose spirit; cease, stop
最後 saigo end, conclusion
セーブ save (baseball)
セーブする check, curb, suppress
早々に sousou ni hurriedly, in haste, quickly
今度 kondo this time, now; next time, another time, shortly
とか and the like, and such; or something, or somethign like
呼ぶ yobu, yonda
遊ぶ asobu, asonda
ともかく anyhow, anyway, in any case
着る kiru, kite wear, put on
気付く kiduku, kiduita notice, recognize, become aware of
別の betu no separate, different, another
居心地 igokoti comfort
忘れる wasureru, wasureta
ちょくちょく often, frequently, now and then
予定 yotei plans, arrangement, schedule

Ch. 9

batu punishment, penalty
宿題 syukudai homework
さっそく at once, immediately
頃に koro ni approximate time at
探す sagasu search, look for
置く oku put, place
あるある it happens, of course it is so
そんで and, thereupon, because of that
諦める akirameru, akirameta give up, abandon hope, resign to
あっさり easily, readily, quickly
出てくる detekuru, detekita come out, appear, turn up
思い出す omoidasu, omoidasita recall, remember, recollect
映画館 eigakan movie theater
kan house, hall, building
一枚 iti mai
申し訳 mousiwake
kai story, floor (counter)
宣言 sengen declaration, announcement
構造 kouzou structure, construction, makeup
ryou quantity, amount, volume
深い hukai deep; profound; dense, thick
お菓子 okasi
無視する musi suru disregard, ignore

Ch. 10

家庭 katei home, family, household
訪問 houmon call, visit
急に kyuu ni swiftly, rapidly, quickly; suddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly
お腹 onaka
空く suku, suita
ご飯 gohan
お泊まり otomari sleepover, overnight stay
泊まる tomaru, tomatta stay at (e.g. hotel)
誘う sasou, sasotta invite, ask, call for, take along
材料 zairyou ingredients, material
留守番 rusuban care-taking, house-sitting, house-watching; caretaker, house-sitter
そも after all, anyway, actually
簡単な kantan na simple, easy, uncomplicated; brief, quick
手料理 teryouri home cooking
味噌汁 miso siru miso soup
守る mamoru, mamotta
聞く kiku, kiita
ha tooth
たまに occasionally, once in a while, now and then
気が利く ki ga kiku be sensible, be smart; be thoughful, be tactful
磨く migaku, migaita polish, shine, brush; refine (skill), improve, cultivate
uso lie, fib
きっかけ chance, start, cue, excuse
仲良く nakayoku on good terms with, on cordial terms with
同士 dousi fellow, mutual, companion, comrade
自然 sizen nature
だが but, however, yet, nevertheless
断る kotowaru, kotowatta refuse, reject, dismiss, turn down, decline
こいつ he, she, this guy, this fellow, this person
気にする ki ni suru mind, care about, worry, pay undue attention
自信 zisin self-confidence, confidence

Ch. 11

詰まる tumaru, tumatta be packed with, be full
欲しい hosii
失礼 siturei
体操着 taisougi gym uniform, track suit
二着 ni tyaku two units of clothing
助ける tasukeru, tasuketa save, rescue
嫌な iya na disagreeable, detestable, unpleasant
rei thanks, gratitude
今回 konkai now, this time
mune chest, breast
きゃあ yikes! eek! ouch!
いい加減 iikagen reasonable, moderate
体育 taiiku physical education
終了 syuuryou end, close, termination
嫌味な iyami na disagreeable, unpleasant, nasty, offensive
naka relation, relationship
一緒 issyo
あまる amaru, amatta remain, be left over
深い hukai, hukatta deep; profound; dense, thick
意味 imi
配る kubaru, kubatta distribute, hand out, deliver; allot, allocate
kan can, tin
まとめる matomeru, matometa collect, put together, integrate
つられる turareru, turareta be lured, be enticed
釣る turu, tutta fish, angle, catch; lure, tempt, attract, entice

Ch. 12

静かな sizuka na quiet, silent; slow, unhurried; calm, peaceful
届ける todokeru, todoketa deliver, forward, send; report, notify, file notice
寒い samui, samukatta
暖める atatameru, atatameta warm
風邪 kaze common cold, flue
うつる uturu, ututta be infected, be contagious, spread
わざわざ expressly, specially
腹痛 hukutuu stomach ache
netu heat; fever
安心 ansin relief, peace of mind
見舞い mimai visiting ill people, writing get-well letters
提案する teian propose, suggest
hara stomach, belly
落ちる otiru, otita fall down, drop, fall, sink; be omitted, be missing
拾う hirou, hirotta pick up, find, gather
クセ wrong, improper, indecent
駄目 dame
安静 ansei rest, quiet, repose
体温計 taionkei medical thermometer
欠席 kesseki absence
扱い atukai treatment, service
toku profit, advantage, benefit, gain
あかん useless, no good, hopeless
syou prize, award
おかゆ thin rice porridge, watery cooked rice
ずるい zurui, zurukatta sly, cunning, sneaky; miserly, mean, stingy
病人 byounin sick person, patient, invalid
実は zitu wa
あるっぽいし something like (Google translation)
鼻血 hanadi nosebleed
やから party (of people), set (of people), clan, family
治す naosu, naosita cure, heal
一応 itiou more or less, though not quite satisfactorily, after a fashion
惑謝 [reading?] confused thanks
豊作 housaku abundant harvest, bumper crop
さらに sara ni furthermore, again, after all
妄想 mousou wild idea, delusion
投入 tounyuu rushing into, breaking into, storming
長居 nagai long visit, overstaying
事情 zizyou circumstances, conditions, situation
残念 zannen
大変 taihen
うつる uturu, ututta move, transfer; change target of interest or concern
手洗い tearai washing one's hands, water for washing one's hands; restroom, toilet
探す sagasu, sagasita search (for sth. desired), look for; search (sth. lost), seek
意識 isiki consciousness
soku gear, speed
のく noku, noita step aside, move out of the way, make way; resign, retire, quit
しっかり tightly, firmly, securely; strongly, solidly, sturdily
救急車 kyuukyuusya ambulance
その場しのぎ sono ba sinogi stopgap, makeshift, temporary measure
問題 mondai
根本的な konponteki na fundamental, basic
解決する kaiketu suru settle, solve, resolve
まず first (of all), firstly, above all
眼鏡 megane
調達する tyoutatu suru supply, provision, raise, procure
黙る damaru, damatta be silent, say nothing
ぐったり limply, wearily, listlessly