Rolled Egg 玉子焼き

  • 3 eggs 玉子
  • pinch of salt 塩
  • splash of mirin 味醂
  • 2 slices of pepperjack cheese
  • half a sheet of nori 海苔

If you want this to look right, you really need to have a tamagoyaki 玉子焼き pan.

Add the salt and mirin to the 3 eggs and then beat them as if making an omelette.

Put the pan on medium heat. Brush the pan with oil and then pour a thin layer of egg into the pan. If necessary, rock the pan to get the egg covering the entire surface. When the egg is cooked so that it is no longer liquid on the top (but still a bit moist?), roll the egg and slide it over to the curved end of the pan and apply another sheet of cooked egg. I cook and roll the egg 3 times, and on the first and third time I lay a quarter of a nori sheet and a slice of pepperjack on the egg.

The recipe I was following would top the rolled egg with tobiko (飛び子 or トビコ) which is flying fish roe and kewpie mayonnaise.