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冒す okasu risk, brave, defy
危険を冒す kiken o okasu brave [defy] a danger
冒険 bouken adventure, risk
冒険家 boukenka adventurer
冒険者 boukensya adventurer
mono person (humble for hito); person (preceded by modifier and not referring to specific person)
学者 gakusya scholar
受ける ukeru receive; accept; take (lessons); undergo, experience; catch (a ball); become popular
受付 uketuke
気をつける ki o tukeru be careful, take care, watch out
記録 kiroku record, chronicle, document; (world) record
用紙 yousi paper (for specific use); form (to fill in)
記入 kinyuu entry, record
願う negau wish for, desire; request, entreaty, ask a favor
お願いします onegaisimasu
読み書き yomikaki reading and writing
kami god
神殿 sinden temple, shrine, sanctuary
習う narau study, take lessons in
習いました naraimasita learned
年齢 nenrei age (of person or animal)
十五歳 zyuu go sai 15 years old
職業 shokugyou occupation, vocation, profession
神官 sinkan priest
成人 seizin adult (person)
yaku post, office, position, job
役に立つ yaku ni tatu be useful, be helpful, serve a purpose
考える kangaeru think, have the idea
身分 mibun social position; rank, identity
身分証 mibunsyou identity card (Google)
白じ hakuzi まっしろな磁器。
真っ白な massiro na snow white; completely white
磁器 ziki porcelain
証明 syoumei proof, verification
段階 dankai grade, rank; stage, step, phase
分ける wakeru to divide (something into parts); share
第十位 daizyuui tenth rank
黒曜石 kokuyouseki obsidian
鋼鉄 koutetu steel
青玉 seigyoku jacinth (orange-red zircon)
翠玉 suigyoku emerald
紅玉 kougyoku ruby
dou copper, bronze
zin silver
白金 sirogane platinum
最上 saizyo best, finest, supreme
最上位 saizyoi best rank
数人 suunin several (people)
史上 sizyou
史上数人しかいない there are only a few people in history
伝説 densetu legend
続く tuzuku continue, last, go on
等しい hitosii equal, equivalent, identical
等級 toukyuu class, grade, rank, magnitude
主に omo ni mainly, chiefly; mostly
規模 kibo scale, extent, proportionate size
難事 nanzi difficulty
関わる kakawaru be concerned with, be involved in
国家 こっか a nation
事実 じじつ fact, actuality, reality, truth
在野の ざいやの out of office [power], in opposition
実力 じつりょく real ability, capability, competence
信用 しんよう trust, confidence
信用する to put trust in, to put confidence in
そして and then, after that
中堅 ちゅうけん medium sized
駆け出す かけだす to kick off
証し あかし witness
通り とおり street, road
最中に さいちゅうに in the midst
身元 みもと one's birth, one's identity, one's background
照合する しょうごうする verify, compare, collate
なくす to lose, to come to be without
以上 izyou what precedes, what is above; now that, since
登録 touroku registration
終わり owari end, finish
今後 kongo after this, from now on, in the future
活躍 katuyaku activity, activeness
活躍する katuyaku suru be active in, be actively engaged
祈りをする inori o suru say a prayer, say one's prayers
依頼 irai request, favor
掲示 keizi notice, bulletin
掲示板 keiziban bulletin board
貼る haru affix, stick (on a flat surface)
出す dasu take out; put out; let out; hold out, present; show, expose, exhibit;
hand in, turn in, submit; send, mail; publish, put out; serve, offer
見合い miai arranged first meeting between prospective marriage partners
選ぶ erabu choose, select; elect
基本 kihon basis, foundation (only in abstract sense, not a concrete object)
最初 saisyo beginning
水道 suidou water service, public water supply facilities; channel
巨大 kyodai huge, enormous, gigantic
nezumi rat; mouse
狩り kari hunt, hunting
狩をする kari o suru hunt
tou party (political); clique
一党 ittou
参加する sanka suru participate, join, take part in
一緒に issyo ni together; at the same time; in a lump


kimi you
良い yoi formal for いい good; all right, ok, appropriate
ore I; me
急ぐ isogu hurry
ane older sister
退治 taizi subjugation, subdual; extermination; crusade
背丈 setake stature, height
身長 sintyou stature, height
tikara power, strength; ability; effort, exertion
知性 tisei intellect
子供 kodomo
子供並み kodomonami equal to a child, the peer of a child, the match of a child
yoru night, nighttime
夜目 yome 夜に見ること。夜に見た様子。Thing seen at night?
利く kiku work, function well; be possible, be available for use; speak, say something
単体 tantai
とさつ tosatu slaughter
怪物 kaibutu monster; goblin, ghost, bogey; mysterious figure
一種の issyu no a kind of, a sort of
群れる mureru crowd together, throng, flock together, swarm
群れ mure crowd, gathered group; flock; herd
行動 koudou action, conduct, behavior
脅かす odokasu threaten, menace, intimidate; startle
脅す odosu threaten, menace
襲う osou attack, assault; strike, hit (when subject is natural disaster)
被害 higai damage, harm
もたらす bring about, bring, produce
など (particle following noun or predicate) and so on, etcetera;
or such, the likes of (often perjorative)
domo (belitting or humble plural suffix)
huyu winter
蓄える takuwaeru store up, lay in stock, save, lay aside
蓄え takuwae savings, money put away
家畜 katiku domestic animal, livestock
奪う ubau rob, take by force, deprive
助ける tasukeru help, aid, assist; save, rescue, relieve
宜しい yorosii
大丈夫 daizyoubu
なら if it is, if it were
何度 nando how many degrees; how many times
追って otte later, afterwards, by and by
払う harau to pay (direct object is money or expense); sweep away, wipe away, clean away
惜しい osii unfortunate, regrettable; precious, too good to lose or waste
さっさと quickly, promptly
無い nai
ために in order to (thing after done to do thing before)
koe voice
怪我 kega injury, wound
癒す、癒やす iyasu heal, cure, restore
奇跡 kiseki miracle
頼む tanomu request, ask for; importune to handle, ask to take care of
まま (indicates preceding noun or predicate is unchanged)
入る iru enter, go into
準備する zyunbi suru provide for (against), prepare for (against)
もし if (introduces conditional clause)
馬鹿 baka fool, blockhead; nonsense
切る kiru cut
損なう、損ねる sokonau, sokoneru harm, hurt, injure, damage
蹴る keru kick
飛ばす tobasu fly (v.t.), shoot, send
あげる give (recipient not in in-group)
彼女 kanozyo she, her
都の to no metropolitan, municipal
賢者 kenzya wise man
学院 gakuin institute, academy
卒業 sotugyou graduation
魔術 mazyutu magic, sorcery, witchcraft
元帥 gensui marshal, general
総帥 sousui commander-in-chief
なんと how, what (in sentence ending with だろう or でしょう)
なんて col. for なんと
回顧 kaiko recollection; reminiscence; retrospect; retrospection; review
セオリー theory
心配 sinpai anxiety, concern, worry, uneasiness; good offices
悪魔 akuma devil, demon, Satan
討伐 toubatu suppression (of rebellion), punitive expedition
参加する sanka suru participate, join, take part in
気が早い ki ga hayai of a mind to be quick? quick-witted?
作戦 sakusen tactics, strategy; military operations, maneuvers
こう in this way, like this
倒す taosu bring down, fell, knock down, throw to the ground
進む susumu advance, go forward
しか only, nothing but (when used with negative predicate, where negation not otherwise translated)


広場 kouzyou wide place
分かれる wakareru become divided, branch
(exclamatory sentence final particle used by male speakers)
魔法 mahou magic, sorcery, witchcraft
節約する setuyaku suru economize, save
後衛 gouei rearguard
守る mamoru protect, defend, guard, watch over
趣味 syumi hobby, interest, taste
ほら Look! Listen! (interjection to call someone's attention to something)
遅れる okureru be late, be tardy, be delayed
速い hayai quick, speedy, rapid, fast, swift
tai party, company, corps
retu row, line, file, rank
乱す midasu put into disorder, throw into confusion, disturb; dishevel
完全 kanzen perfect, complete, whole, full, intact
置く oku put, place, set, assign, post, station
いかれる go wrong in the head, lose one's marbles
追いつく oituku to catch up
文句 monku phrase, expression, complaint
ような you na like, seeming, apparent, as if (turns preceding predicate into adjectival noun)
真っ直ぐ massugu
一体 iti tai
仕留める sitomeru kill, bring down, shoot dead, stop, drop
返す kaesu return, send back, put back, repay
tue staff, cane, walking stick
世界 sekai world, universe
改竄 kaizan falsification, distortion, alteration
奇跡 kiseki miracle, wonder
mi body, one's person
生まれる umareru be born, come into existence
持つ motu hold, take hold of, carry
しかし however, but
才能 sainou talent, ability
厳しい kibisii severe, strict, stern, rigorous, harsh; severe, intense, extreme (of intensity)
修練 syuuren training, practice, discipline
行使する kousi suru use, employ, exercise
可能な kanou na possible, potential, practical
となる shout at, yell at
若さ wakasa youth, youthfulness
二度 ni do two times
さる leave, go way from; pass, disappear; elapse, go by
ながら while, as (conjunction; subject of both clauses must be the same;
added to verb base of one clause)
努力 doryoku endeavor, effort, exertion
怠る okotaru be remiss, neglect
優秀な yuusyuu na excellent, superior, best
成果 seika result, fruit, outcome
上げる ageru raise, put higher
歴史 rekisi history
名誉 meiyo honor, glory, dignity
認める mitomeru recognize, acknowledge, approve, admit
おめでとう Congratulations!
きっと surely, for sure
今後 kongo after this, from now on
触る sawaru touch
離れる hanareru separate, be separated, become disjointed
治す naosu cure, heal
癒やす iyasu cure, heal (poetic)
癒し iyasi healing; soothing
しっかり strongly, firmly, tightly, hard
kizu wound, visible injury
慈悲 zihi mercy, compassion
探す sagasu search
地母神 tibosin earth mother goddess
おのれ I, me
ken sword
振り huri swing, shake, wave
回す mawasu rotate
戦う tatakau wage war, fight
お前 omae you
こいつ this man
倒す taosu bring down, fell, knock down, throw to the ground