ep. 1

起きる okiru to get up (out of bed)
起きたか Are you awake?
寝る neru go to sleep
寝ている be asleep
いつまで寝ているの How long are you going to be asleep?
うまい good, skillful; good-tasting, delicious
し直す sinaosu recalculate
邪魔 zyama obstruction, hindrance, obstacle
お邪魔します ozyama simasu thank you for having me
haru Spring
気味が悪い kimi ga warui creepy

ep. 2

何て nante how, what (col. version of nan to)
秘密 himitu secret
最高 saikou maximum, highest
最高の saikou no best
勝負 syoubu match, game, contest
隠れん坊 kakurenbou hide-and-seek
馬跳 umatobi leapfrog
ドッジボール dodgeball
鬼ごっこ onigokko tag
じゃんけん rock-paper-scissors https://www.tofugu.com/japan/janken/


ep. 10

うまい skillful, good at; good-tasting, delicious
酷い hidoi terrible, awful, severe, cruel
ふわふわ lightly, softly; fluffy
tyou super-, ultra-
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