If a Santa Monica Mountains trail is over 4 feet wide, it is open to mountain bikes unless signed "Closed". If a trail is less than 4 feet wide, it is single track and closed unless signed "Open".

trail access length gain
Dirt Mulholland E end at Canoga Ave.

W end at Encino Hills Dr. Parking there or 500ft up Dirt Mulholland
W Mand. to FR 30: 3.4mi W Mand. to FR 30: 400ft
FR 30 to W Mand. FR: 400ft
E Topanga FR No parking at Paseo Miramar.

Possible to park at Los Liones Trailhead and use Los Liones Trail (1.3 mi) to get to E Topanga FR

Joins with Eagle Springs FR near Trippet Ranch
Eagle Springs FR Parking at Trippet Ranch is $10 Hub Junct. to Eagle Junct.: 1.4mi Hub Junct. to Eagle Junct: 150ft
Eagle Junct to Hub Junct: 400ft
Eagle Rock FR Starts at the intersection of Eagle Springs FR and Musch Trail.

Ends at intersection of Eagle Sprints FR, Fire Road 30, and Temescal Ridge FR.

Also connects with Cheney Ranch Trail.

No trailhead
1.4mi W: 250ft
E: 500ft
Fire Road 30 Connects the intersection of Eagle Springs FR and Temescal Ridge FR with Dirt Mulholland.

No trailhead
2mi S: 250ft
N: 500ft
Temescal Ridge FR (N of Skull Rock) Connects Temescal Gateway Park ($7 to park) with Eagle Springs FR and Fire Road 30.

Trailer Canyon FR intersects with midpoint of Temescal Ridge FR.
Trailer Canyon FR Park on Michael Lane
Rodgers Road Trail/Backbone Trail Connects Will Rogers State Historic Park with Temescal Ridge FR.

$12 to park at Will Rogers SHP, but it is possible to park outside the park on street.
W Mandeville FR (aka Westridge FR) Park on Cordelia Rd.

Connects Westridge Rd with Dirt Mulholland.
3.7mi N: 1000ft
S: 350ft


W Mandeville FR trailhead to Eagle Junction

21 miles, 2050ft gain in, 1400ft gain out


W Mandeville FR trailhead to Eagle Rock

from the Hub, take Eagle Rock FR to Eagle Rock, descend to Eagle Junction, and take Eagle Springs FR back

21 miles, 2150ft gain in, 1400ft gain out

  • 3.7mi: Nike missile tower
  • 4.4mi: Junction Dirt Mulholland and Sullivan FR
  • 7.1mi: Junction Dirt Mulholland and FR 30
  • 9.1mi: Hub
  • 10.5mi: Junction Eagle Rock FR and Eagle Springs FR
  • 11.9mi: Hub
  • 13.9mi: Junction FR 30 and Dirt Mulholland
  • 16.6mi: Junction Dirt Mullholland and Sullivan FR
  • 17.3mi: Nike missile tower




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