Japanese Study Log


JSL1: Japanese: The Spoken Language pt1
JWL2: Japanese: The Written Language vol2
YY1: ゆるゆり1 chapter title pages are p. 0

https://mediasite.osu.edu/Mediasite/Catalog/catalogs/fll-japanese (use Safari)


2018-04-29 YY1 ch. 1 p. 2
JSL1 video ch. 1
JSL1 audio 1a1
write out hiragana (exc. wi/we): errors: く ku ほ ho む mu め me よ yo ら ra る ru ろ ro わ wa を wo
2018-04-30 JSL1 ch . 1 section A
JSL1 audio 1a2
write out hiragana (exc. wi/we): errors: く ku そ so ぬ nu ね ne ほ ho む mu め me
YY1 ch.1 pp. 3–4
2018-05-01 JSL1 audio 1b1
write out hiragana (exc. wi/we): no errors
2018-05-03 write out hiragana (exc. wi/we): no errors
JSL1 audio 1b2: 10+ errors and pauses
write out katakana (exc. wi/we): サ sa セ se タ ta チ ti テ te ナ na ニ ni ヌ nu ネ ne ノ no ハ ha ヒ hi フ fu ヘ he ホ ho マ ma ミ mi ム mu メ me モ mo ヤ ya ユ yu ヨ yo ル ru レ re ワ wa ヲ wu
write out katakana (exc. wi/we): サ sa メ me ワ wa ヲ wu
2018-05-04 JWL2 ch. 5A
JSL1 ch. 2A
2018-05-05 write out katakana (exc. wi/we): hi ヒ hu フ
2018-05-06 JSL audio 1b2: 15 errors; next time start 10 minutes in
YY1 ch.1 pp. 5-6
2018-05-07 YY1 ch.2 pp. 0–2
2018-05-08 JSL ch. 2A video
2018-05-12 JSL1 audio 1c
JSL audio 1b2: start at 8:45 (drill E) 7 errors. Drill H especially
JSL audio 2a1
JWL 1A, 1B
2018-05-13 JSL1 audio 2a2
JSL ch. 2B video
JSL1 ch . 2B
2018-05-19 JSL1 audio 2b1
2018-05-20 JSL1 audio 2b2 14 errors
JWL1 3B, 3C (except audio)
JWL1 1 (audio); still need to do JWL audio for ch. 2 and 3
2018-05-26 JSL1 ch. 3A video
JSL1 ch. 3B video
JWL1 ch. 2 audio drills
JWL1 ch.3 audio drills
2018-05-27 JWL ch. 4A
2018-05-28 JWL ch. 4B
2018-05-31 JSL audio 3a1
2018-06-02 JSL audio 3a2 numbers—not fast enough and many errors
JWL ch. 4C
JSL ch. 4A video
2018-06-03 JSL ch. 4B video
JSL audio 3b1
2018-06-09 JSL audio 3b2
JSL audio 3c
JSL audio 4a1
2018-06-10 JSL audio 4a2
JSL ch. 5A video
JSL ch. 5B video
2018-06-16 JSL audio 4b1
JSL audio 4b2
JSL audio 4c
JSL ch. 6A video
2018-06-17 JSL ch. 6B video
JSL audio 5a1
JWL ch. 5A, 5B
2018-06-23 JSL audio 5a2
JSL audio 5b1
JSL video 7A, 7B
2018-06-24 JSL audio 5b2
JSL audio 5c
JWL 5C, 6A
2018-06-30 JSL audio 6a1
JSL audio 6a2
JSL 8A video
2018-07-01 JSL audio 6b1
JSL audio 6b2
JSL audio 6c
2018-07-02 JSL 8B video
2018-07-04 JSL audio 7a1
2018-07-05 JSL audio 7a2
2018-07-07 JSL audio 7b1
JSL audio 7b2 (to 16:10)
2018-07-08 JSL audio 7b2
JSL audio 7c
JSL video 9a
2018-07-14 JSL audio 8a1
2018-07-15 JSL audio 8a2
2018-07-16 JSL video 9b
2018-07-21 JSL audio 8b1
2018-07-22 JSL audio 8b2 (drills A-J): K starts @ 16:25
2018-07-28 JSL audio 8b2 (drills K-N)
JSL audio 8c
JSL video 10a
2018-07-29 JWL 7C
JWL 8A, 8B
JSL audio 9a1
2018-08-03 JSL audio 9a2
2018-08-04 JSL video 10b
2018-08-05 JWL 9A
JSL audio 9b1
2018-08-11 JSL audio 9b2 drills A-D (to 6:18)
2018-08-12 JSL audio 9b2 drills E-Q
2018-08-18 JSL video 11a
JSL audio 9c
2018-08-19 JSL audio 10a1
2018-08-20 JSL audio 10a2 A-N (to 31:20)
2018-08-25 JSL audio 10a2 O-S
JSL video 11b
2018-08-26 JSL audio 10b1
2018-09-01 JSL audio 10b2
2018-09-08 JSL audio 10c
JSL video 12a
2018-09-10 JWL 9C
2018-09-15 JSL audio 11a1
2018-09-22 JSL audio 11a2 (drills A-J to 19:30)
2018-09-30 JSL audio 11a2 (drills K-P)
JSL video 12b
2018-10-06 JSL audio 11b1
2018-10-14 JSL audio 11b2
2018-10-15 JSL audio 11c
2018-10-20 JSL video 13a
JSL audio 12a1
2018-10-21 JWL 10A
2018-10-27 JSL audio 12a2
JSL video 13b
2018-11-03 JSL audio 12b1
2018-11-04 JWL 10B
2018-11-11 JSL audio 12b2
2018-11-17 JSL audio 12c
2018-11-18 JWL 10C
2018-11-22 JWL 11A
2018-11-23 JSL audio 7a2
JSL audio 7b2
2018-11-24 JSL video 14a
JSL audio 13A CC
JSL audio 13A Drill A-D
2018-12-01 JSL audio 13A Drill E-S
2018-12-02 JSL audio 8a2
JSL audio 8b2
2018-12-08 JSL audio 13B CC
2018-12-09 JSL audio 13B Drill
2018-12-16 JSL audio 13ED
JSL video 14b
2018-12-22 JSL audio 14A CC
JSL audio 14A Drill A-G
2018-12-23 JSL audio 14A Drill H-V
JSL video 15a
2018-12-27 JWL 11C
2018-12-28 JWL 12A
2018-12-30 JWL 12B
2019-01-01 JSL audio 14B Drill
2019-01-06 JSL audio 14ED
2019-01-13 JSL audio 15A CC
JSL audio 15A Drill
2019-01-19 JSL audio 15B CC
JSL audio 15B Drill A–F
2019-01-20 JSL audio 15B Drill G-O
2019-02-02 JSL audio 15ED
2019-02-03 JSL audio 16A CC
2019-02-16 JSL audio 16A Drill
2019-03-03 JSL audio 16B Drill
JSL video 17A
2019-04-14 JSL audio 16ED
2019-04-20 JSL audio 17A CC
JSL audio 17A Drill
2019-05-11 JSL audio 17B Drill A–J
2019-05-12 JSL audio 17B Drill K–Q
2019-05-27 JSL audio 17B Drill R
JSL audio 17ED 1–11
2019-06-15 JSL audio 18A Drill A-I
2019-06-22 JSL audio 18A Drill J-M
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